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As we know and who doesn't the update falls here- Gullimero del toro once again give fans a chance to raise finger upon his future plans. As del toro is already famous for creating rumors related with his future plans from mountain of madness to pacific rim 2 to justice league dark said

" You cannot say, ‘Yeah, I’ll do it after I do this,’ or ‘I have the first season of ‘The Strain.’ ['Justice League Dark'] needs to fall into the plan of the DC Universe.”

so lots of cloud over the future of justice league dark. But this article is not about what DC should do or any other speculations, its just a fan based fun pool about who you want to see and your opinion.

lets start with these character whom we want to see IF this movie ever happens and speculations about their star cast.

constantine - Everyone's favorite British bastard has been a staple of DC's magical realms since Alan Moore first introduced the magical con-man in "The Saga of the Swamp Thing" #37. Some of the greatest visionaries in comics have crafted Constantine's mythology, including Jamie Delano, Neil Gaiman, Garth Ennis, Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, and more, giving del Toro decades of stories to mine for the big screen Constantine fans have always dreamed of.

here are some of my picks -:


your pick for constantine

DEADMAN - A dead circus performer who possesses the bodies of the living to solve crimes while trying to find his own murderer. someone back from death inside a living shows itself an emotional fight. A ghost "detective" trying to solve his own murder -- the character fits in perfectly with the JL Dark characters in the comics. I would like to go for vin diesel but he's already somewhere else and also want to avoid gritter tones and some serious acting when needed .


choose your pick for deadman

ZATANNA - this powerful sorceress is one of the few characters that can walk in both the light and the "Dark." Zatanna is equally comfortable amidst superheroes as she is the more sublime and fantastic world of magic. She could appear in both films as a liaison between the Leagues and could be the gateway character for viewers with which to see the monsters, mazes and other characters who inhabit the shadows. Well after his relationship with constantine also provide the same oomph factor which scarlet provided in MCCU .


your pick for zatanna

ETRIGAN, the demon - well this will be the equilibrium breaker in that gang. The story of Jason Blood is a sweeping saga that begins in Camelot and continues in the modern day, perfect movie plot fodder. The character's rhyming tendencies may be tricky to get across in a sufficiently imposing manner, but the demonic Jekyll and Hyde story of a good man and the evil locked inside would be just too solid to pass up, and visually.


choose your pick for jason blood and etrigan

SWAMP THING - Botanist Alec Holland became the avatar of the Green, known as the Swamp Thing, following his death in a swamp as a result of a horrific accident. With the ability to control any form of plant life, Swamp Thing uses his powers to protect both the human and the plant worlds. And yes his love interest abigel will be a nice sector to explore. I would like botanist as an old man and Abigel his wife which is death but swamp thing Hallucinate him.

Basically here the selection on the basis of voice mainly


your pick

KID ETERNITY - Not many people know about this man just imagine someone who can bring dead back to life by just saying a word in his year......creepy ???? Kid Eternity might not be the most well known of DC's pantheon of mystic heroes, but he has a compelling origin, a rich history and perhaps the coolest ability on the list. Seeing him pal around with Deadman will be awesome something like batman and robin.


your pick

please provide your opinions and don't select anyone already in some comic book related movies and if you want to provide new names please mention i'll add them here.

thank you guys


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