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Finally they are here - The avengers age of ultron imax posters. So my first expression is that all of them look really bad-ass. I mean really cool posters they look all like ,,Don't f*ck with me''. I am totally shure that the movie is going to be really cool like this posters are. You can't just ignore this movie I mean it makes no sense after all the trailers, the tv spots and everything. Even Ultron is totally bad-ass.(I upload this photo in case someone didn't saw Ultron)

Yeah pretty cool look. Let's get back to the posters.

Avengers Last Hope

Avengers Unite

Ultron No Strings (sorry about the bad qaulitty)

Ultron Unleashed

  • So from all the four my favourite is the AVENGERS UNITE . Everyone on these posters looks really cool. In the comment I would like you to tell me who is your favourite and see you later

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