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Aint got time to explain.

The internet has been around for so many years and wasn't very interesting until social media and video's could be watched on it. But after years of progression, a website called Youtube was created. This site allowed people to upload video's for the world to see. Thus, leaving a doorway for many idiots and other people to get famous off of stupidity. Stupidity that people enjoy.

10. Bo Burnham

So this idiot didn't even mean to get famous. He was just making ridiculous songs for his brother and some idiots heard his music and he became famous instantly. Eventually, he got his own music CD and live performances off of his retarded music. Seriously? Helen Keller is the greatest woman ever? What the fuck!? Clan Cookout? This dude is seriously an idiot. His music became overplayed by many of his fans and he is no longer funny anymore. He still manages to be funny to some people somehow.

9. Gary Brolsma (Numa Numa Guy)

So this fatass does a dance to a romanian techno song and become rich overnight. He mouths the words and throws his arms up and down to the rhythm of the song. Millions of people thought this was funny. Later on down the road he tries to do another dance to a song cover of Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me" that was played on the Geico commercials around this point in time and wasn't successful.

8. Tourettes Guy

The son of this guy with Tourettes has a channel dedicated to his ridiculous actions. His nonstop cursing has made him famous all over. His son tried to claim that he was dead at some point in time. But suddenly he put out more video's. Seriously?

7. angry german kid

This kid was playing an online game when he was videotaped doing his litle outburst and got famous worldwide. This video became so famous that it had hundreds of people parody it using other videos to make it look like he was watching them.

6. Annoying orange

I really don't know anything about this at all. I can say this though, this shit sucks. we already have enough annoying things on the internet and mainstream media as it is. Now we have a creepy looking orange who talks.

5. make me bad 35 (Damien)

When this guy first started out he was just doing random shit. Mostly making random noises sounding like Fred. He eventually stopped doing all that during the time he posted "Jimmys Got A Boner" which got removed because the girl in the video looked underage. since then he has became quite a icon on Youtube. He is still posting videos to this very day.

4. Chris Crocker

This weirdo got famous for posting a video called, "Leave Britney Alone" where he cried about Britney Spears for a few minutes. He has hundreds of other videos but none of them are really remembered. The Leave Britney Alone video was also parodied many of times by famous celebrities including Seth Green. Since then, he still makes video's and looks like a guy again. his new video's are not that great.

3. Foamy The Squirrel

This retarded animated squirrel has multiple rants about stuff but you can't understand anything that he says. He speaks at a million miles a minute and doesn't have a mouth. The videos are completely retarded. Unfortunately, that's all I have to say about this abomination.

2. justin bieber

Yes! Bieber made it here in second place. Why? Because his music sucks. For Christ sakes. He was discovered on Youtube and someone with really shitty tastes made this fuck-ass rich. He writes a song called "Baby" and pretty much repeats that word the entire song! This is considered music? Seriously? When his song "Boyfriend" came out, people made fun of him thinking he had one. This is somebody who attacked one of his own fans. Not to mention that he probably had to kiss Ellen Degeneres' ass big time to get into the music industry.

1. Fred (Lucas Cruikshank)

Absolutely! This kid has to be the biggest retard of all to get famous on Youtube. His high-pitched voice and constant irritation has made this retard one of the most subscribed to people on Youtube. His stupidity has even landed him a film series made by Nickelodeon; a place where cool things once happened like cool cartoons and game shows. and to make things worse, his father in the movies is John Cena, a current WWE abomination. Couldn't get any worse than this if I must say.

BONUS. Pewdiepie

Recently proclaimed, "The King of Youtube." More like the king of shit if you ask me. This guy is famous for making video's of himself playing video games and making stupid voices while he does it. I could do this shit at home. Why the fuck would I want to watch it on Youtube?


Who do you think is the worst of all 11? My opinion is pictured below. What do you think?


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