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Watching the DC TV universe has so far been a treat to enjoy. Arrow and The Flash on the CW have had some pretty solid storylines to keep the fans tuned in, and Gotham is still gaining speed. Supergirl on CBS is coming, as well as a Titans show on TNT or TBS. Although I doubt they’ll bring it back, Constantine was a solid showing story wise. There is also a project for a super-powered team up spinoff on the CW as well. Firestorm/ Atom/Arsenal/ and Katana maybe? In a nutshell I’m more excited to see what’s coming to DC TV rather than what is coming for DC Movies, and I don’t say that lightly.


DC TV Villains and their modern portrayals have upgraded the level of comic book baddies on the small screen, making the DC TV universe as a whole as good or better than DC Movies. The way they have cast and developed the villains seen on NBC and The CW should be the model for the genre.

The bar is set pretty high in my eyes; Let's see why!


I’m starting off with one of my favorite villains to watch, THE REVERSE FLASH. If you’ve read my last article or are completely caught up with THE FLASH, you’ll know that the real Harrison Wells is dead and that Eobard Thawne is the man responsible for the events that led to Nora Allen’s death. When you see The Reverse Flash on screen though, you can’t help but feel this awesome curiosity on what he is going to do next. A speeding grim reaper who had it not been for Barry’s accidental time jump back, would have gotten away with killing poor Cisco. The Reverse Flash stuck a vibrating hand through his heart after just telling Cisco that he looked at him like a son.


Manu Bennett killed with this iconic character. He was menacing when the armor was on, and off. Crazy, maniacal, and hell bent on revenge. He killed Oliver’s mother and almost killed his sister. I’m looking forward to the day the armor is back on and DEATHSTROKE is out there once more.

I know there is talk about casting Joe Manganiello for the role onscreen, and if they were to make Deathstroke the villain in Batflecks first solo movie , it would be gigantic. Doubt it, just look at the image below.


I would have preferred that they casted Mark Hamill as the Joker on the big screen instead of Jared Leto because..well…Mark Hamill is the JOKER ; but his Trickster is the next best thing. Although it was only one episode, tell me how sick would it be having the Trickster terrorize Central City for a whole season. Oh, I forgot…he already did once.


I really do hope CONSTANTINE is brought back somehow, because they were really on to something there. Especially with Papa Midnight, played by Michael James Shaw All due respect to Djimon Hounsou , but this version of Midnight is creepier, and far more sinister than what we saw in the movies.


You know, at first I wasn't excited to see Captain Cold on the show, I wasn't a big Rogues fan. I think I had a pillow case from the 70's with the Rogues on it; but Dominic Purcell as Heat Wave and Wentworth Miller as Captain Cold turned me 360 degrees on this.

Capt.Cold/WentWorth Miller is this evil tactical genius with the next ten moves already set to go and Purcell’s edge is perfect for Heat Wave's tough son of a bitch persona. Prison Break will be a distant memory if the Rogues get more screen time, especially now that Snart knows Barry Allen’s secret.

I wasn't going to exclude Malcolm Merlyn from the list; an elite killer with a dangerous discipline when it comes to survival. Although he is swimming in the gray area between villain and dark hero these days make no mistake. Merlyn will sacrifice it all on the chess board until he has what he wants. John Barrowman was awesome on DR. WHO, so this should be no surprise.


I was disappointed when it was announced that Oded Fehr was not cast as RA’s AL-GHUL, but Matt Noble is no slouch and has done well so far. A brooding figure who is a master of death, Matt Noble makes you believe that he would order the death of his own daughter if it meant proving a point.

I do have to highlight as well that CW RA’s AL-GHUL is a leader desperately looking to pass the crown to Oliver Queen before his time is done. I still believe Oded Fehr would have been better for the role and who knows, he may assume the role on the big screen or arise as the one who will be The Demons Head on the CW.

So, as you can clearly see, I have made a strong argument for DC TV Villains, but Marvel ain't far behind.

Agents of Shield as shown some TV Baddies that can rival those mentioned above, with the added bonus that these characters can also appear on the big screen. There is still the Marvel Universe on NETFLIX to consider in the future as well.


DC TV still has a stronger line up in my opinion, and DC Movies better pay attention because DC TV Villains can upstage anyone, anytime. DC TV has depth and clarity on where these iconic villains should be on modern TV, and this formula can make DC TV the best thing to watch on TV.


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