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Big comic book nerd, love cosplaying as The Goob

I really want to visit Boneville, take a trip into the Valley, have a beer at the Barrelhaven Tavern and chat with Lucius Down... but alas, Bone is just a comic, and has been in the works of being a movie for years (2012 was the last time it was looked at so I don't know if it will happen)

So, my next choice would be to visit my favorite Reds and Blues in Blood Gulch Canyon. I would have to wear purple armor so I could sneak into both camps and hang with both teams.

"Roses are red

And violets are blue.

One day we'll cruise down

Blood Gulch avenue"

"It's red versus red

and blue versus blue

It's I against I

and me against you"

First stop, Red Base, where I would hang with Captain Dexter Grif, my favorite of the reds, is a lazy sarcastic slacker that actually knows more than he lets on. I think I would have the most fun hanging out with Grif since we are so much alike, although it would also be fun to hang out with the man in the lightish-red armor, Private Franklin Delano Donut.

"Violets are blue, roses are red

Living like this we were already dead"

"Hop in my car

It don't have any doors

It's built like a cat

It lands on all fours"

Next up I'd head on over to Blue Base to cruise around in Sheila (the tanks) with my favorite blue, Captain Michael J. Caboose. I just need to make sure to never ask him to help me out...

"My car's like a puma

It drives on all fours"

Red Vs Blue is a popular machima by Rooster Teeth, the Blood Gulch Chronicles are available on Netflix, and all episodes are viewable at season 13 just started!


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