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As a major Marvel fan, whether it be the movies or the comics, I love it all and know everything about it. As I continued to read and watch more and more, I realized that there are many similarities between members of each of Marvel's titanic teams.

The Leader: Cyclops & Captain America

Captain America shares much with Cyclops
Captain America shares much with Cyclops

Both of these heroes have excellent leadership skills. Cyclops is rather brave and selfless, and has good leadership skills when on the battlefield. He may not get along with all of his teammates (cough, Wolverine, cough), but he knows how to enforce his ideas and get the job done. Captain America is a righteous and brave man who always wants to see the good in people. He always fights for what is right and never gives up on his teammates or his mission. They both have had hardships, either losing a loved one or being stuck in a iceberg. They use those hardships to lead their team to success.

The Metallic Macho Man: Colossus & Iron Man

Both heroes can surround themselves with a protective suit of metal. Piotr uses Organic Steel Transformation and Tony uses his self-made mostly made out of a gold-titanium alloy to provide the necessary power-to-weight ratio coupled with the ability to resist icing at high altitudes. When [Colossus](movie:895230) is in "metal mode". he has superhuman strength, expert combat skills and superhuman durability. When Tony has his suit on, he has enhanced strength, expert combat skills and enhanced durability. Similar? Both of these men are also very precise when it comes to details. Peter is a skilled painter and Tony Stark is precise in every screw and bolt in his suits.

Weather Controlling Hero With A Cape: Storm & Thor

You might think this is a stretch, but they have more in common than you think. They both have incredible strength, Thor is extremely physically strong. His feats include destroying an arch weighing over a million tons, crumbling Uru into dust, lifting the Midgard Serpent, who was large enough to coil around the Earth from head to tail multiple times over and crush it in its grip. Ororo has a strong and indomitable will, thanks to years of practice to control the weather. She has shown the strength of will to effectively resist the world's most powerful telepaths, such as Professor X, Jean Grey, Rachel Summers, the Shadow King and Emma Frost. She has also shown the strength of will and spirit to host the conscience of the abstract entity Eternity to help save his life and the universe, a feat few beings could do, as well as hide the Panther God Bast in her mind in order to defeat the Shadow King. They also both have enhanced senses. The God of Thunder has superhuman senses. He can see objects as far out as the edge of the Solar System, allow him to track objects traveling faster than light, and hear cries from the other side of the planet. The Princess of the Elements possesses energy vision. It allows her to see the physical world around her as energy, including the human body's nervous system, which in turn allows her to counter all but the fastest attack. Added to her already formidable hand-to-hand abilities, this makes her a very tough opponent. Storm has also shown the ability to see in almost complete darkness. *Sidenote- (I think both of these heroes are so unappreciated in the movies they are in.)

Practically Invincible Hero Who Gets Angry A Lot: Wolverine & The Hulk

Both of these guys have been through a lot.

has been through Weapon X and his loss of loved ones. Bruce has been through gamma radiation and no control over his other self. They both have extreme strength. Logan's natural strength is enhanced by the demand placed on his muscles due to the presence of over 100 pounds of Adamantium bonded to his skeleton, which also removes the natural limitations of the human skeletal structure by allowing him to lift weights that would damage a human skeleton. Wolverine has been depicted with sufficient strength to break steel chains and support the weight of a dozen men with one arm. The Big Guy has unlimited strength. The Hulk's immeasurable strength is directly proportional to his level of rage, excitement, and stress. The Hulk also grows stronger the more radiation and dark magic he catalyzes. They also both have Regenerative Healing Factor, Immunity to Diseases and Decelerated Aging.

The Sexy Assassin: Mystique & Black Widow

First of all, lets take a minute to admire these ladies' beauty.

Oh La La!
Oh La La!

Ok, Lets get back to Mystique and Black Widow. They both have Enhanced Physical Attributes. They are both stronger, faster, more agile, have faster reflexes and last longer than even the best Olympic athletes. Raven & Natasha are both expert markswoman (Get It?) skilled in sharpshooting and knife throwing. Agent Romanoff is multilingual. She is fluent in Russian, English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, and various other languages. Ms. Darkholme is a polyglot. Mystique has stated that she knows at least eleven languages; besides her presumably native German and English, she has demonstrated fluency in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Farsi and Czech.

The Young Jokester: Iceman & Spider Man

"Any word can be derogatory if you say it with enough derogatory. Pepperoni." -Bobby Drake.

Bobby and Peter are just teenagers who are brave, courageous and funny. They are the ones who are always cracking jokes and saying punchlines. They both have extreme potential and power when it comes to their abilities. Iceman can use his thermal vision to find heat signatures and create "ice ramps" to travel at fast speeds. Spidey can swing around and he has his spider-sense to sense danger around him.

Big Scientist On Campus: Beast & Ant-Man

Henry McCoy & Henry Pym are both very fascinating men. They both are some of the smartest minds of their generation. Dr. Pym is the man who discovered/ invented Pym Particles. These particles, whose wavelength is in the mental range when released, allow Ant-Man to will himself and other objects to reduce in size or enlarge. The mechanics involved having most of the mass of the nucleus of each affected atom convert into energetic particles which take up orbit around the nucleus. Although gravitons do not affect these particles, the mass of the original volume remains intact. Beast is capable of countless things. He has superhuman strength, speed, stamina, durability, agility, senses, reflexes and dexterity. He has a genius-level IQ, he is an expert at combat, he is fluent in English, German, French, Latin, Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Russian as well as Latverian, and he has animal instincts.

Over-Powered Woman with Cosmic Powers- Jean Grey & Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers & Jean Grey are both some of the strongest female heroes the world has ever seen. Nick Fury's intel classified Ms. Marvel as Power Level 8 and Phoenix as Omega level. Ms. Danvers was an Agent of S.W.O.R.D. and she was fighting the Kree. During this battle, Carol was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a powerful device which could turn imagination into reality. Carol's genetic structure was altered effectively making her a half-Kree superhuman. Jean was a powerful telepath who became the host of The Phoenix Force which enhanced her powers and gave her new ones. Some of her powers include telepathy, psychic shields, telepathic illusions, mind control, personality alteration, heal trauma, mind link, psychic blasts, astral projection, telekinesis, force field, interstellar travel, resurrection, immortality and existence mastery. Just to name a few. Ms. Marvel has supehuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility and stamina. She can also fly and absorb energy. They are both some of the hardest heroes to kill.

The Mysterious Mystical Magician: Magik & Dr. Strange

Both of these people are masters of the supernatural and creators of chaos. They both are time manipulators. Illyana uses her stepping discs which allow her and others to teleport across interstellar distances or through time. The discs are part of a dimension known as Limbo. Stephen Strange has frozen, slowed, and traveled through time. He can only do it through extreme concentration. While Magik uses her sorcery and Dr.Strange uses his magic, they both can use the unnatural to their advantages.

The Bald Man In Charge With Dysfunctional Body Parts: Charles Xaiver & Nick Fury

Both of these men are the reason their teams exist. Charles Xaiver finds mutants who just recently discovered their abilities and help them learn how to use them and Nick Fury finds the latest and greatest heroes to help defend Earth. Even though Professor X doesn't have the use of his legs, he is still one of the greatest and most powerful mutants on Earth. Same goes with Fury, he may be down an eye, but he makes up with the fact that he can kick some butt! Also, both of these characters are played by legendary actors. Some of the greatest, Patrick Stewart and Samuel L. Jackson.

So, that is my Avengers and X-Men comparison. I think they are a little too similar. Let me know what you think down below.

*Disclaimer* I love both of these teams in the movies and the comics and they are both very unique in many ways that make them so special. I just wrote this to show what they have in common.


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