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I loved this movie as a kid and even now as a 16 year old. As a kid I liked it because I loved Superman. Superman will always be one of my favorite heroes. An alien trying to pass off as human while saving us and inspiring hope. Still need convincing, huh? Here we go...

It's Got a Unique Mood

As far as a mood, Superman Returns had one that stuck out. Superman was an origin story, Superman II was a story of his world and his fight against evil, Superman III was awful and I honestly don't know, Superman IV was a little cheesy like the others and comical but still showed the lovable character. After Superman IV, Superman movies were stopped for a while. Then came Superman Returns. It wasn't as cheesy, but even with a different actor it felt like the lovable character we knew. It had its own mood different from the others, and a different theme. After years in Space, Superman had returned to a world that no longer needed him. Everything he once knew has changed. The love of his life is married, people get along fine without him, his job at the Daily Planet hasn't missed him. But as time passes he realizes he is still needed. He's a symbol and hero to many. It ends with people mourning as Superman is hospitalized. They do love him and need him. As a teen I love it because it's kinda a dark movie. Not like Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy or Man of Steel, but darker than the first four Superman movies.

It Sets Up a Possible Spin-Off

We get clues throughout the movie that Lois' son may not be Richard's. It's revealed that the son is in fact Superman's. The boy is so similar to Clark Kent as a kid. The hair, uncontrollable powers, and a few other things. This sets up a possible movie about the son. I'd love to see it.

The Return

Superman Returns brought back the good old Christopher Reeve Superman. Even though a different actor it felt like it was still the same. Brandon Routh was a great Superman. It connected the movies and brought back a lovable character in a spectacular way. In Man of Steel, which I hate, we see a different darker Superman much differnt from the one I love. The “underwear” on the inside was a nice touch, but I still miss it and the good old Superman who stood for truth, justice, and liberty. I can accept it though, because DC wants a dark, realistic Justice League.

A Story of Fathers and Sons

I remember as a kid sitting on the couch, lights off, next to my dad, Superman action figure in my hand, watching Superman Returns. Superman had Jor-El, father and son. Then Superman even had a son. And there I was with my dad. Love that.

It Shows Supermans Humanity

Despite being of Krypton and an alien, Superman looks and feels human. He's in love with a human woman. He has human friends. He protects humans. He loves humans. He was raised by humans. When Superman comes home to Earth he's saddened he is no longer needed. She's sad Lois has moved on. It shows that behind his powers, he's just like us. In Man of Steel they just show how Superman was strong and destructive and couldn't fit in. But he can fit in as Clark. And he may be strong, but his heart is stronger.

Let me know what you think in the comments. This is just an opinion and everyone is entitled to have one. I love Superman and Superman Returns.


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