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Marvel have been building up the Inhumans for years, both in comics and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now, Charles Soule prepares the ground for a second series, ‘Uncanny Inhumans’!

This issue is best understood as part of an ongoing story. Black Bolt had been a member of the Illuminati, the secret group of power players who knew that the Marvel Multiverse was coming to an end. And, what’s more, he seems to have suspected far more than anybody else. During an alien invasion, Black Bolt was forced to release the Inhumans’ Terrigen Mist across the Earth, triggering mutation in those who carry an Inhuman gene.

Black Bolt went missing for a time, but his motives are a mystery. He seems to have seeded the world for the rise of the Inhumans, but in his absence Medusa has taken charge. We know that ‘Secret Wars’ will feature ‘Attilan Rising’, and a civil war between Medusa and Black Bolt.

So this is the thing; ‘Uncanny Inhumans’ is an essential step along the road Marvel are travelling. This issue changes its focus, homing in on Black Bolt and bringing him back into play in a big way. Charles Soule, who’s been the architect of the Inhumans’ rise, continues it effortlessly.

The book opens in Rio de Janeiro, with new Inhumans being born as McNiven portrays a wonderfully ethereal scene with the Terrigen Mists sweeping down. It’s possibly one of the most powerful pieces of art I’ve seen in a long while.


The art is superb, with very rare off-moments. Which is just as well; it stars a character who is mute, and yet who manages to be conveyed with wonderful depth of emotion. Every inch a king, Black Bolt is drawn with a fluid grace and a regal grandeur.

The culmination, as Black Bolt faces a terrible decision about the future of his son, is actually touching.

This #0 issue is fascinating, as it’s also the first issue to truly live in the shadow of ‘Secret Wars #1’. These are the Last Days of Earth, and Black Bolt knows it. Everything he does is in the light of his certain knowledge that the world is doomed; but, as before, we’re left only wondering how much more he knows.

This is definitely not an issue to miss.


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