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Warning: Contains Strong Language.

Yesterday, Jeremy Scott from the popular YouTube series, Cinemasins, posted a video to his alternate channel: Cinemasins Jeremy. In what he calls: "the angriest video I've ever made," Scott goes on an eight minute rant about all of the live action remakes Disney plans to do of their animated classics while driving his car.

In the video, Scott says that the news of a live-action Winnie the Pooh remake made him "physically anxious." Scott goes on to say that he is fed up at Disney's business-first attitude when it comes to greenlighting projects. Scott says of the argument that these remakes are guaranteed money-makers:

You can be a business without losing any and all semblance of trying to be art.

Scott adds that Disney has genuinely and personally offended him, as he himself is a writer that aims to be original. He reveals that Disney's actions are one of the reasons why he started the "Everything Wrong With" show:

The reason we started that channel was to point out when Hollywood started slacking...started falling into tropes, cliches and cycles.

Scott declares that audiences who support adaptations and remakes are going to lead to a dumbed-down society, even more so than the "failing education system." Overall, he is concerned that the many creative minds will be overshadowed by another generation's work for years to come.

We are breeding out originality and creativity, and we are going to create a cultural delusion that we will not recover from.

On reddit, Scott expanded on his arguments when one commenter asked him to call for a boycott of live-action Disney remakes.

I did a whole thing that got edited out where I pondered a boycott of this Pooh movie. But honestly... it'll never happen. My fan-base is not large enough to cause a ripple. Too many 'average moviegoers' will still pad the box office.

Essentially, if you were a fan of Cinderella or Maleficent and are excited to see Emma Watson play Belle, Scott is blaming you for ruining not only Disney, but the film industry in general.

Moana, an original story.
Moana, an original story.

Personally, I am not a fan of all of these live-action Disney remakes, but I do think that Scott went a bit over the top in this video. The fact is that Disney does have original ideas coming up: Moana, Zootopia and Tomorrowland are just a few. In fact, I'd say that Disney is improving in a sense. Throughout the 2000's, a mediocre slew of movies have been pumped out of the company. Remember Old Dogs, Chicken Little, Hannah Montana the Movie, or The Sorcerer's Apprentice? Sure, it would be a LOT nicer to see some more originality from Disney, but I would much rather see a well done remake like Cinderella than a horrendously cliched "original" comedy like The Game Plan.

I understand Mr. Scott's frustration, but it doesn't seem right to point at someone who is excited to see an upcoming movie and blame them for society going downhill. People will see what they want to.

On the bright side, there is still a lot of originality from Hollywood. Even in "original" films, it's pretty hard to avoid cliches. Author Amy Einsohn said in her book: The Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications that:

Writers and copy editors are always told to shun cliches, but this maxim is overly broad and unenforceable.

If you want to support creativity, here are just a few upcoming original films that are gaining hype:

  • Ex Machina
  • Unfriended
  • Aloha
  • Spy
  • Southpaw


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