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Kerry Cepero

SO Jim Parsons is up to play one of DC most popular Bat-Villains that's not named the Joker. If DC Movies is looking for a nice villain to complement Ben Affleck's BATMAN when he gets his first solo movie, this wouldn't be such a bad idea. Here's the formula. E(Dr. Sheldon Cooper)=MC/Edward Nygma.

Unlike other versions of The Riddler on TV or Movies, Jim Parsons can be the most accurate, modern version that can define the character for years to come. I say that will all due respect to Jim Carrey who was my favorite version of Edward Nygma so far.

Since there is a Riddler cast on Fox's GOTHAM, Jim Parsons can fill the role on the big screen.

He has the star power and the acting chops to bring a Riddler to the JLA Movie Universe that is so sick that you won't be able to picture anybody else other than Jim Parsons as The Riddler. Can you imagine the Riddler singing soft kitty while Batman's life hangs in the balance!


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