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Gerry Rivers

Since the beginning of the series, in my beliefs Henry has always been the one to keep an eye on. He was given the book where pretty much everything that is happening around him somehow comes to life. But until recently know one knew exactly why or how this book could do what it does. Such as show moments that already happen and recently show moments that haven't happened yet like Regina and Robin Hood. Whatever the case with the book, it has been the primary moving force within the storyline. Now here is the good stuff. This season it has all been about the usual heroes and villains and happy endings. Even with all the mess with Elsa and the Snow Queen. But one new tidbit was recently unfold a little bit more. Who wrote the book and how exactly can it tell what it tells and predict what it predicts. Thanks to the Author and his magical Quill. Looking a little deeper between the lines. After all that has happened. It seems as if the creators behind OUAT has always been leaning to our little Henry to become the next Author. Someone who has the heart of the truest believer while the innocence of a child. The heart and courage of a hero. But above all else the kid always has been creative. Factoring in his heritage and the things that this kid has been through. It wouldn't be any surprise if Henry was the next Author. But then again i am just one person guessing. What do you think? With the current Author obviously not the choice that the Apprentice wanted, who do you believe will be the next Author. Knowing OUAT it is someone that is already in the series.


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