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Dave Sheridan, who plays the lead of Sheriff Lincoln in the recently released film "The Walking Deceased", is making an appearance next week on the Podcast "Creech Questions". While the podcast allows fans to send in their questions about actor's previous roles, that wasn't the biggest news to come out of the announcement.

The Big News? Sheridan, for the first time in 15 Years, will return to the character of Special Officer Doofy in a skit featured on the podcast. If asked by viewers of the 2000 film, who was the most memorable character in Scary Movie, the answer would most undoubtedly be Doofy. Doofy was the dimwitted but lovable brother of Buffy Gilmore(Shannon Elizabeth), who (SPOILERS!) turned out to be not very dimwitted at all when it was revealed he was behind the killings in the film. He was last seen successfully getting away from the cops, riding off in the sunset with co-hort Gail Hailstorm.

With that being said, where will we catch up with Doofy in this skit? Will it be a continuation of the end of Scary Movie or will it be set at some point earlier in the film? With the abundance of remakes nowadays, could it be a re-imagining of the character Doofy or could it be a case of just bringing Doofy to the Modern age, ala "Beavis and Butthead"? Only time will tell, and we won't have to wait too long to find out. The Podcast will be out Wednesday, April 8th on Spreaker and iTunes
What was your favorite moment of Doofy from "Scary Movie" and what do you think Doofy will be up to in the skit? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments.


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