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Aiko Abercromby

As kids we all played with our fair share of Play-Doh, building things only our imagination could think up, but no one in their right mind would think that a live-action film could be made from just children’s modeling clay, Well according to Hollywood it can.

Hasbro is partnering with 20th Century Fox to apparently make a live-action
Play-Doh film, according to Deadline they want Paul Feig to direct. I'm sure
you heard of him, Paul is currently working on the up coming Ghostbuster
reboot and has directed many hit feature films, as for the script they are
turning to Jason Mocallef, writer of the indie film 'Butter'.

I don't really know how this film will turn out, is it gonna have humans or play-doh creatures walking around, It's just hard for me to rap my mind around this, one thing is for sure it's gonna be a film to remember, but with whatever route they take let's just hope Hasbro has better luck with this project than they did with their Battleship film.


If this film happens, Will you watch it?


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