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Alright everyone, after watching episode 18 of Arrow and episode 17 of Flash, we are getting ever closer to the end of both seasons, and there is going to be big game changes coming up soon, especially for Arrow it appears. I've been wondering how the shows will work with the new spin-off show, and I think I can up with a totally awesome answer.


Where does Oliver go?

The last couple of episodes have seen Oliver trying to avoid accepting Ra's Al Ghul's offer to become the new head of the League of Assassins. Here's what I think happens next: I think he takes the job. Hear me out. In episode 18 "Public Enemy" Oliver showed everyone how far he was willing to go to avoid accepting the offer, by turning himself in. However at the end of the episode Roy saved Oliver and consequently took the fall for being the Arrow. Now in my opinion Oliver will be forced to become Ra's Al Ghul to save Roy somehow, and season 3 will end with Oliver still as Ra's. I know what you are thinking "HOW CAN THIS POSSIBLY HAPPEN!" Well, it makes sense when you think about the new spinoff show.

Justice Society/All Star Team Up?

Whatever the show will be called, the point is that it involves Ray Palmer (A.T.O.M), at least half of Firestorm, Caity Lotz who was the original Canary until she was killed in season 3, and Hawkgirl. Now, why would Ray Palmer leave Starling (Star) City when his companies headquarters are there? My thinking is that he doesn't. I think in an episode or two of Arrow, Ray will save people and Oliver will realise that Ray is what Starling City needs as a hero, he realises Ray will be better able to defend the city as A.T.O.M, my thinking is that the citizens will be on his side and Oliver will see that the city has outgrown the need for an Arrow. Then he will realise that he could take the position of Ra's Al Ghul, and do good as the head of the league of assassins, making it a force of good instead of a tool of destruction. Team Arrow (for the most part at least) will go with Oliver, and the Justice Society will protect Starling City. Arrow season 4 is about Oliver trying to change a force of evil into a force of good. (For anyone who has seen Angel season 5 you know what I'm talking about).


So is this an awesome idea? What will happen to Oliver and team Arrow?


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