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Jaramya Sick Boy Rattle

So there a lot of film ideas I get but don't have the money to make. As much as I would like to make some of these films, I can't. I can however make a list of some of the ones I like the most. This is that list.

Friday the 13th Survivor Film

This is probably the one I would like to see the most. The concept for this one is all of the people who survived Jason throughout the series keep hearing of more people dying around Crystal Lake. They get sick of it and all team up to kill Jason (again!). I would want Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis again. It would be amazing to see him play the role again. I think the perfect director for this would be Adam Green because he is a loyal fan and knows the series very well. You may have seen some of his films like Hatchet or his TV show Holliston. And of course Tom Savini would do the special effects makeup.

Zombie Western

This one may sound stupid to some people but I think it would be great. It obviously wouldn't be a serious horror film but more of a comical horror film. I think it would be great to have an all-star horror cast. I'm thinking the lead could be Danielle Harris as a bad ass female gunslinger, zombie slayer. Robert Englund could be an old doctor. Maybe even Bruce Campbell, Kane Hodder and Tony Todd could be in it too.

A Prequel To A Nightmare On Elm Street

I actually started writing a script for this called The Springwood Slasher but never finished it. This would be about Freddy Krueger when he was a child murderer before he was burned and killed. Of course Robert Englund would HAVE to play Freddy cause he is the only Freddy and he will always be the only Freddy dammit!

Alternate Friday the 13th part 6

This one I also started a script for called Friday the 13th: The New Crystal Lake Massacre. This one would be like what was originally planned for part 6. Which was for Tommy Jarvis to take over as the killer instead of Jason. Fans weren't happy with that and wanted to see Jason so for the actual part 6 they brought him back from the dead. As great as it is to have Jason back, I still think it would be interesting to see where the story could go with Tommy as the killer.

Well that was another short list. Let me know what you think below.


Which horror film would you like to see most?


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