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For those who watched the last episode of Arrow, "Public Enemy", a few major things happened in the episode, such as Roy taking Oliver's place and getting arrested for being the Arrow. Roy's the real MVP. The newly released trailer shows some footage and scenes from the rest of the season. (The trailer is at the bottom of the article)

It seems fitting that 2 seasons ago, the Arrow saved Roy in the season 1 episode, "Salvation", and in this season, Roy saved the Arrow. By dressing up as the Arrow and getting caught, it did two things. It saved Oliver from jail and gave Roy the opportunity to make up for his murder of the cop in season 2. Based on the trailer, it seems that Roy doesn't want to be saved as he says to Captain Lance, "I don't need saving", because he feels he deserves it. It seems that both Captain Lance and Oliver are trying to save Roy. Although we don't know how Lance intends to help Roy, the trailer reveals that Oliver wants to break Roy out of prison. Whether that happens or not, is still to be seen. Although its nice to see that Oliver cares about Roy after apparently leaving him electrocuted and on the ground last episode.

The scary thing about the whole Roy situation is that the cast have been teasing that a character is going to die in episode 19 of this season, which makes the two week break all the more frustrating. The fight scene and knife being passed around in the prison doesn't raise my hopes for Roy surviving. Hopefully he'll make it out alive. However if he does die, its interesting to note that whoever sleeps with Thea tends to die soon after

This scene of the trailer shows a sword to a guy in army uniform. Presumably from the flashbacks, I think it is Tatsu holding the sword to General Matthrew Shrieve. It would seem that Shrieve was not the ally to Oliver as once thought but it may actually be him trying to kill the Yamashiros and Oliver, not Amanda Waller.

Although I don't really like Olicity, I can't ignore that it dominated a part of the trailer as it showed Oliver and Felicity finally getting together. Guess she changed her mind about not wanting to be a woman he loves. At least the would they/won't they thing is over, and Felicity will hopefully not try and juggle three present day men and stick to one man. I guess that spells an end to Ray and Felicity's relationship although anyone could guess it would end based on them being on separate shows at the end of this year. It's nice to see that they do actually get together and remove unnecessary emotional drama. Although others may find it necessary, its just my opinion.

The trailer also implies that for the battle against Deathbolt, Oliver is going to remotely control the Atom to defeat Deathbolt. It would make sense to not fight as the Arrow when your friend wants to be in jail for being the Arrow to save you. The interactions between Oliver and Ray are always comedic especially since they like the same girl.

I think the best part of the trailer is that it reveals that Oliver will accept Ra's al Ghul's offer and become Ra's al Ghul, the demon's head. This would explain his new suit and bow as seen in the set photos and the Flash trailer. Merlyn even says in the trailer that "Your days as the Arrow are finished". It seems that Oliver has accepted the offer that Batman turned down. But Oliver is not the Batman. Oliver Queen is surrounded by friends and his sister. To protect them, it would make sense for him to take this. Right now, it makes no sense for Oliver not to take the offer. His mother is dead, his father is dead, his best friend is dead, he has no company, no home and no friends except for the Arrow Team, so why wouldn't he take the offer? He would have hundreds of men under his command and they would take the no killing vow, and he could make a big difference. Instead of saving the city, he could save the country or even the world.

Another possible reason, he takes the offer is because a character dies and he wants to save them using the Lazarus Pit. This would be quite cool and it would show some of the mystical side of Arrow, that has only been touched upon and not really shown that much. The Lazarus Pit's healing powers were only shown on the show once, when it healed Ra's Al Ghul's hand. If they used the Lazarus Pit, it would be interesting to see if they stuck to the comics and included the temporary insanity that also haunts the user of the pit. In the description for the "Fallen" episode, it says that Ra's al Ghul makes an offer Oliver can't refuse. Some speculation on the offer could be to become Ra's al Ghul and save the character who dies or save Sara, assuming her body is still able to save. For example if Ra's sent members of the league to get her body secretly and has it on ice or something until now. But that does sound very unlikely. It would be a nice nod to comics because in the comics, the Black Canary was put into the Lazarus Pit also. The offer could also be that Ra's has kidnapped Thea and will kill her. This seems likely due to the fact that the trailer shows Ra's talking to Thea at her loft.

The one thing that really confused me about the trailer was this woman. Who is she? Actually I was really excited because I thought it was Talia. Then I realized she looked quite old to be Talia. After a considerable amount of guesses I came to the conclusion that it was either Lady Shiva, or Nyssa's mother. It implies that she isn't to happy about Oliver becoming Ra's al Ghul. I feel that it is Nyssa's mother, who wouldn't be too happy that Oliver has become the head, when her daughter is more suitable.

The season really does look like it will end with a bang. With Flash and Arrow, side by side, May is going to be an awesome month for DC.


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