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Man of Steel wasn't awful, and I dont necessarily hate it, but I dont like it. It's not the Superman Reboot I was hoping for. As a huge fan of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies, Superman Returns, and Smallville I expected greatness from this movie. Here's my reasons for not liking it, let me know your opinions in the comments.

The Trailer Promised Greatness

The Trailer for Man of Steel looked incredible. It looked dark and deep and I got so excited. I watched the trailer a billion times and I couldn't believe how amazing it looked. But when I went to see it in theaters, I was let down hard. Maybe I set my hopes too high, or maybe it just wasn't what I wanted.

The Theme

The movie threw so many deep monologues at you that all had these powerful messages, but there was so many that it got annoying. Can humans accept him? Will he ever fit in? Is he supposed to lead them? Is he a hero? What's his purpose? Are humans ready for him? This movie left so many questions about the theme.

The Plot

This movie had great visuals and characters(I liked Zod and his army better in this than Superman II), but the plot let me down as well. Half the movie is punching. I liked the beginning from Krypton to him becoming Superman, but after that I thought it stunk. The movie felt like it had a lot of gaps and unanswered questions. I'm repeating myself over and over, I know.

Superman Was Too Dark

Superman was more human than anything. He cared about people. He stood for truth, hope, Justice, and liberty. He had a kindness to him that made him a great guy. This Superman just seemed depressed. The real Superman would have saved Johnathan Kent no matter what he said. I hated this version of Superman(Henry Cavill was great, but I didn't like Superman).

The Camera

Shaky cam? Huge no! I got a massive headache watching the movie. Yes it makes it feel more real but it's so annoying. Am I riding a bike while watching? Shaky cam is awful.

The Destuction

Ok, Superman does more than just punch. “Chill-ax.” Lex Luthor is coming in the next movie and if he use the destruction Superman caused as a reason to hate him, I'm on his side. Superman should be more careful about the damage caused. Yes, he's going against an army of Kryptonians, but come on. You destroyed a city.

The Neck Snap

A lot of people use this as the main reason for hating this movie, but not me. I can see how it makes sense. He had to choose between an innocent families lives and killing Zod. In the end, I think he made the right choice. So, the neck snap isn't the problem, my problem is how people reacted. What was he supposed to do?

Superman Around the World

We see Clark trying to fit in and traveling the world trying to find his place. But for all these jobs wouldn't behave to give the employer a name? And most of his jobs everyone knew he used incredible powers and then he leaves. If he ever used Clark Kent as his name, then they saw Superman on TV, wouldn't they know it's Clark? After all he wasn't wearing glasses. “Man makes incredible save with powers, looks just like Superman, gotta be him. What was name? Clark Kent?” *Informs Authorites* Superman on the run. But he probably used a fake name. And the kids on the bus knew about Clark. Shouldn't they have assumptions?

This is all just my opinion. I know I'm homing to offend some people. That was not my intention. I truly want to know others opinions though. So please let me know what you think of Man of Steel and whether you agree or not. And comment your favorite Superman movie. Thank you.


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