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The Marvel Universe! The DC Universe! "Universe" is the most thrown around word nowadays. It's used to describe a world that a set of characters inhabit together. It's used mostly for comics and film franchises. While I love the comic and film universes that Marvel and DC have created, I'm still waiting for a certain universe to finally come together! Yep, the Millarverse!

Mark Millar is a comic genius! He's the creator of such awesome comics as Kick-Ass, The Secret Service and Nemesis. And while of all of these comics may share the same world, they've yet to truly come together. But I'm sure that one day, we'll get the epic Millarverse crossover event we all so dearly desire! But I'm not here to talk about my conspiracy theories and wishes-upon-a-star, I'm here to talk about easter eggs!

Not quite.
Not quite.

It's Easter weekend, so it's time to talk about the best kind of easter eggs: ones hidden in our favorite forms of entertainment! This time, I'll be focusing on the top 5 best easter eggs found in the 'Millarverse' of comics and movies!

5. Once A Jedi, Always A Jedi!

Let's get things started with an easter egg in the COOLEST Mark Millar film, Kingsman: The Secret Service! As you might know, Mark Hamill is in the film as Professor James Arnold. Mark has a lot of cool acting credits to his name; including the Joker in a ton of Batman stuff, Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar: The Last Airbender, and Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars series! Speaking of Hamill's run as the young Jedi savior, Mark Millar and Matthew Vaughn snuck a cool little Star Wars related easter egg in Kingsman!

The University that James Arnold teaches in is called Imperial University, as in the 'Imperial Army', the army that Luke and the Rebel Alliance clashed against in the original Star Wars trilogy! I already loved Kingsman, but finding out that they slipped a Star Wars easter egg in, and in such a subtle way, is enough of a reason for me to buy it on Blu-Ray about ten times when it comes out!

4. John Woo Hoo!

Nicolas Cage has a new movie out pretty much every single year. While he doesn't always take noteworthy roles, he still has a lot of amazing performances under his belt. His most chilling was the role of the insane vigilante 'Big Daddy' in Kick-Ass! The father of Hit-Girl and the killer of many henchman, Big Daddy was a certified nut-job.

But he's not the only nut-job Nic has played, not in the slightest! So it's really cool that while portraying Big Daddy, Nicolas referenced a movie in which he played another psycho: Face/Off! While he didn't reference the character himself, he did namedrop the director of the film, John Woo. When quizzing his daughter, Big Daddy asks her "What was John Woo's first English language film?"

I loved Face/Off, Nicolas and John Travolta were absolutely incredible in that film! So thank you Mark Millar and Kick-Ass, for referencing my favorite Nic Cage role! Besides Big Daddy of course.

3. Wanted: A New Cape..

If you've ever seen the 2008 Wanted film and thought it was good, I seriously recommend reading the comic! Even if you hated the movie, I still think you should read the comic book, it's so good! Unfortunately, unlike Marvel or DC comics, Mark Millar's eventually come to an end. Such is the case with Wanted, but before this epic graphic novel ended, it left us with a pretty cool easter egg: a nod to another awesome Millarverse comic book!

At the end of Wanted #2, a tattered cape is shown inside of a glass container. This cape actually belongs to the Utopian from another Millarverse comic, Jupiter's Legacy!

I haven't read much of JL, but I love Wanted; and Jupiter's Legacy must be good if it has such an awesome cameo/easter egg in the supervillain-assassin thriller!

2. Killer In Japan

Nemesis has quickly become my favorite Mark Millar comic! The whole series is thrilling and intense! You know what else is thrilling and intense? Kick-Ass! So it makes sense that Kick-Ass would reference the titular super-villain during it's final series, Kick-Ass #3.

During this panel, you'll notice not only some cool posters of Jupiter's Legacy and Super Crooks (and their rumored film adaptions), but also a direct reference to Nemesis himself! Notice the second paragraph in the panel: "that lunatic killing cops in Japan,"! The cop killing lunatic in Japan is obviously the supervillain Nemesis. As he is a lunatic...who kills Japan!

1. Dave Helping Out A Fellow Hero!

In the exact same issue as that cool Nemesis reference, another of Millar's awesome comics is referenced in Kick-Ass #3! Dave, a.k.a Kick-Ass, holds the door open for Simon Pooni, a young kid with multiple sclerosis.

Simon goes on to become the super-hero Superior, Millar's own vision of Superman and Shazam! It's really cool to see Dave metaphorically pass the heroic baton to Simon, ushering a new age of superheroes!

Well, there ya go! The coolest Millarverse easter eggs I could find! I recommend checking all of these amazing stories out for yourself. They may not be as large or as popular as Marvel or DC, but they're so worth the read!

Which was your favorite?


Which easter egg did you like the most?


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