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Andrew Lee Jackson

Note: this was originally written for my step brother as a birthday present.

Just wait.. and read all the way through.

Bruce witness his parents murder loses his mind. (Batman begins). young Bruce is secretly checked in to a mental institution to deal with his manic state by Alfred under the name of "Patrick Bateman” (American Psycho) to protect the “Wayne” name. After thirteen years Bruce is released still under the name of “Patrick Bateman” in metropolis as a stock broker, but quickly suffers a psychotic break, and murders many people and a dog (see “ American Psycho”). Bruce / Bateman is apprehended secretly by Alfred and Arkham and his actions are swept under the rug. All the while Bruce undergoes more intensive therapy, at the direction of Alfred. Bruce is reprogramed, again at Arkham, to his original identity and is released into Alfred's care. Bruce almost immediately escapes, and is trained in a shadow art by Raul Al Gule, which oddly helps him stabilize from his “manic state”. He returns to Gotham, and eventually takes on the persona of Bruce Wayne / Bate - no Batman. Bruce shows some of his old Bateman tendencies i.e. womanizing shallow image focused spending but Alfred is pleased that Bruce’s darkness is repackaged as batman not Bateman. - insert remaining events of “Bale Bat Man Trilogy - Ie Last Half of Batman Begins, The Dark Knight (Why is the joker his worst / best enemy?), The Dark Knight Rises.

Bateman ... Batman hummmm?

then …..

Humm….. Wait for it……

Shortly after the events of "dark knight rises" where Bruce runs away with Catwoman / Salina. WWIII breaks out. It is Quick and merciless, they survive by holding out in an old bunker. When they are discovered they a both very near death, while Bruce and Salina are nursed back to health they have no memory of their past. They are reassigned IDs of John Preston, and Viviana. Where John is assigned to the Grammaton Cleric, where thanks to physical memory and superior reflexes due to his ten years of life as Batman and Bateman he quickly rises in the ranks as an cleric. ten or so years later Salina relapses remembers her past life and is killed. (see Equilibrium).. Insert the the Movie “Equilibrium”. Where John / Bruce awakens… Sort OF…..


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