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Critics tell you what's broken. Fans tell you what works. I'm a movie fan.
John Carter

Who wouldn't want to start over?... move to a new place... build a new house... start a new adventure. What about a new Earth? In Titan AE the Earth was destroyed by some crazy aliens leaving the few surviving humans to fend for themselves. The orphaned species was scattered across the galaxy until one young man discovered that his father had given him a special mission... (SPOILER ALERT) ... Cale was charged with building a new Earth.

An amazing machine that Cale's father built was able to melt the Ice Rings of Tegrin and created a new planet for humanity to call home. And Cale decided to name it Bob.

What a great chance to start fresh and remake the home for generations to come. It would have all of the adventures of a new planet, but it would come with a degree of ownership. All of the technology available from the future would make the growth process much easier than colonizing with nothing. It would be exciting and a great honor to be a part of the new beginning. It would be the ultimate adventure.


Could you start over on a new Earth?


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