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In some set photos of Avengers Age of Ultron,there is someone in a grey coat on the upper right of the photo.It seems to have him covering his face with the hoodie(for protecting unsuspicious spoilers) but we can see what seems to be a mask looking like the web slinger's mask and a red glove. If you look closely at the red glove it seems to have the web patterns which spidey has.The most suprising thing is that you could see a spider body on the chest.The person in the costume looks like a just shaved beard of Andrew Garfield.So those this confirms Spiderman in Avengers Age of Ultron.Since ComicBookCast2 did a video about Andrew Garfield returning as Spiderman in Captain America Civil War.Armin who is the man talking said that they Marvel are going to skip Amazing Spiderman 2 as if it didn't happened but Amazing Spiderman 1 does happen and it takes place before The Avengers ever takes place on the big screen.So this post has to be true and i would be so happy if it happens.


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