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When I was between the ages of 5 and 10 I lived in my grandmother's two story home in Posey County Indiana. The home has been in the family for 45 years so far and the history before hand is unknown about it. I could say it was fairly nice living there when it was calm and during the day. The reason I say this is because her house was VERY haunted and it was so hard to sleep there I would sometimes sleep with my eyes open in the begininng.

The first paranormal experience that I can remember from when I lived there was when I decided to stay in my grandmother's room for the night when I was 5. I was laying in bed next to her unable to sleep because I felt really anxious for some reason, but when I looked up I saw a figure at the doorway and the hall light was on but the figure was completely black. From what I remember it was wearing a robe or long coat or cloak, a big hat that seemed loose, and it looked to be about 7'0 because it was almost as tall as the doorway itself. For some reason I thought it was my stepdad at first but when I took a good look I got really scared and tried tocwake up ny grandmother but when she woke up to look the figure was gone.

I do not know who or what it was at the time but from the research that I have done over the years and talking to a medium about this experience I have come to a conclusion that it could have been an angry spirit that died there or a demon that has been in the area for years. I do know some of what the area where my grandmother's house is and my mother has told me stories about the place as well. If you are interested in knowing more then I will write more about it in my next blog post, Thank you.


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