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Marvel has a list of comic books that either deserve their own Marvel NOW! offshoot or their own movie. One group that comes to mind is 'The Eternals', a group of immortal superhumans given powers through experimentation by the Celestials, who you may remember as the giant robot guys that look like they can take on Galactus without giving full effort.

You may also remember seeing one of them in an important cameo appearance in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'. It was the giant robot who had the Power Stone in its staff and basically leveled an entire planet.

Yep, that intergalactic robotic killjoy....
Yep, that intergalactic robotic killjoy....

Anyway, they decided one day, 'Hey, if the Kree are doing this to humans, why can't we have a little fun with these humans?' After that, the Eternals were born. Ikaris (not the myth about the boy with wax wings), leader of the Eternals, Eros, codename Starfox, and many more, against the evil Deviants, evil offshoots of humanity.

You might be asking this: "Why do you think these guys belong in the MCU?" Let me explain.

First of all, there so much like their Inhuman counterparts, even though the Eternals don't have the kind of genealogy the Inhumans have. The Inhumans have descendants who are "awoken" by the Terrigen Mists, while the Eternals are just, well, them. They don't have any way of finding out if there are more like them.

And, for one thing, of specific Eternal has a family member that's very close to Phase 3. I'm talking about this guy:

Eros of Titan, AKA Starfox. Son of A'Lars, the Eternal known as Mentor, and brother of......wait for it...... THANOS! Of course, the fact that he was from Titan should have pretty much given away who he is related to. The reason I say Starfox will fit well in Phase 3 is because he could be a sort of messenger to the Avengers. Here's how I see it....

Starfox is obviously scared of what his brother is capable of, especially after Thanos gets his hands on the Infinity Gauntlet. Then Starfox will really have something to be frightened about. So somewhere before Infinity War, Starfox will probably be apprehended by Nick Fury and the Avengers for questioning. Questions like, "Why are you here?" and "What have you come here for?" Some obvious questions to get the conversatoin going.

And somewhere along the way, Starfox will say, "You all are in great danger. HE is coming." And Nick or one of the Avengers would ask "Who?" And Starfox would reply, "My brother." And end scene.

Though, I'm no screenplay director or script writer. But that's probably something you'd get from movies like that. I mean, look at the ending to Thor: The Dark World.

The Collector: "One down, five to go."

And that's how I think The Eternals would have probably fit into Phase 3 of the MCU. And who knows. Maybe we'll see some more movies after Phase 3 that we haven't seen before. However, if it were to come to that, I don't think it would be appropriate for Starfox to say something like that anymore. But I digress....

Well, that's all the time I got. Hope you enjoyed. Please follow me you guys and don't forget to comment below and tell me what stories you think would have fit into Phase 3!


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