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In the event of a zombie apocalypse I would probably go to Hawaii. Say if I were in the position as being the President of the United States. I would immediately contact the governor of Hawaii and lock down the islands making sure no one gets in or out without legal authorization. I would send the U.S. Navy to create a perimeter around the islands to insure the best safety for the American people and important government officials.

I don't think the continental U.S. would be the safest place to be. D.C. will be overrun in the matter of months. I would establish a White House in Hawaii to make sure me and my administration keeps the American Government running during the epidemic. I would start talking with the CDC and WHO on relief movements and cures/treatments that could potentially be distributed among the people and the rest of the world. It would have to be done from Hawaii and making sure the state is safe is a #1 priority.

No one should be able to get in or out of the state by land, air or sea without government authorization. I would leave it to the National Guard, Coast Guard and Navy to do what's necessary to protect the island so I can focus on more things such as the people in Hawaii and the continental U.S.

Daily broadcasts, doctors, scientists, etc would be distributed among the United States and the rest of the world to fight the battle. Not everyone is going to have the privilege of the residents of Hawaii. Me and my administration would have to make choices that could better the future. Survival is the most important thing.

"The weak die out and the strong will survive, and will live on forever" - Anne Frank, The Diary of Anne Frank

P.S. The zombie apocalypse is going to happen.

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What would be your location of choice during the apocalypse?


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