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Movies are like cakes, everybody loves cakes
Sam McCormick

Whether you're 6 months old or 180 we all enjoy watching a good flick every now and then, but when you do, don't you find yourself going through the same routine time and time again? Whether you're watching a movie at the cinemas or from your couch at home here's a list of the things you do to make sure you're comfortable during the film.

1. Find a source of food

What's a film with out food? Exactly, it would be boring. You always stock up on food before the film starts to make sure that your cravings are met promptly. These cravings are mostly met by popcorn which is both available at the cinemas and the pantry.

2. Go to the toilet

Before you sit down, you need to release yourself. You know that you don't want to get up during the film because you might miss some important parts, so you go to the toilet.

3. Turn off the lights

You like to watch a film in darkness, don't ya? If you're at home then this is something you need to do manually. If you're at the cinemas hopefully the lights go off by themselves.

4. Find your perfect seat

Get comfy. To sit through a three hour film, cough, cough, The Lord of the Rings, you know that you need to sit in a comfy seat to make the time fly. If you're at the cinemas you probably sit away from people so that you can stretch out and if you're at home you spread yourself out like a spread eagle.

5. Skip the adds

Before you're film starts there are always adds. Even if you're watching the movie online, popups could surprise you. Fast forwarding or completely ignoring them brings you steps closer to your film.

Did I hit the nail on the head with the list above? Tell me your thoughts in the comments!


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