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So, with the second installment of The Avengers just a month away, and all the anticipation rising as it gets closer, many questions could be asked, but one obvious question everyone may be wondering is...Will it better than the original? It is a fair question given the fact that seemingly, a number of sequels doesn't quite hit the mark like their predecessor did. A few examples, Batman Returns, Iron Man 2, TMNT 2, Speed 2. To me personally, it is an easy answer....HELL FREAKING YES!!! You could look at the trailer and say "Oh hell yeah, looks like it is going to be awesome!". But here are some reasons why it will be better than the original.

1. Deeper Story

The original Avengers movie did something that was unprecedented. Taking a multitude of characters from separate movies and put them successfully into one movie. Astounding! So how will the sequel measure up to that? Simple, this story is going to be larger in scale. Before, it was about Loki, the tesserac, and assembling the Avengers. Now that they have been assembled, time was spent on multiple story lines, some stemming from the phase 2 sequels with issues that are not truly resolved. Either way, [The Avengers](movie:9040) will be plenty busy in this sequel.

2. Darker Tone.

Some movie sequels do lighten up to attract younger viewers and make more money. It is clear after the first movie's success, they were not even going to go there. A campy sequel would not go very far with these series of movies. No, it will be darker than the original. Expect an Avenger or two to die, anything is possible. Get your kleenex.

3. Superheroes are fighting each other, again.

Yep, we love when our heroes fight amongst themselves, so intense in most awesome way. HULK vs THOR, Iron Man vs Thor... the fights will get bigger and badder according to the trailer provided. When super-powered beings with attitude come together, they may disrespect or get disrespected. Expect distention in their ranks, I don't see a happy union lasting throughout this one.

4. More Avengers.

Yay! There are more Avengers to assemble with the original team. Not to name any, but their ranks will increase in number and in strength, who knows there may be even two Avengers teams. These ones will be far different from each other and with different powers and abilities. Certain, each new Avenger will play an integral in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035). I look forward to seeing the new batch of Avengers in action.

5. Better Villain.

Okay, Loki was great, but with this new villain, Ultron, he is one of best if you enjoy a villain that is a psychotic and very powerful. Ultron is raw power and venomous evil. He will be one of the greatest physical threats that they will face, single handed. He is not flesh, he is all machine and doesn't hold back. He should be very chilling every time he makes an appearance and speaks with his phantom tone. I am super curious on how well this character will be received by viewers. He may give us nightmares.

6. They might actually lose.

Well, the ending where the hero actually loses was made popular by The Empire Strikes Back. Everybody got did in that sequel, it was dreary, shocking, and depressing, but we loved it. With scale of this movie and the kind of villain that they will be facing, this very well may be a dark movie with a somber ending. Good guys always win cliche may not ring true in this gigantic sequel. Prepare to leave satisfied and sad at the same time. Victory could come at too high a cost or not at all.

All in all, I think will be much better than it's predecessor. I don't think it will be even close. I think this will be a fantastic movie and it should not disappoint. I personally think it will break box office records and have people coming back for more. A month away and counting.....Tick tock Tick tock. Are you ready?


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