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Today, Marvel entertainment had just released a new descriptions for its characters that will appear in the sequel of the avengers, Age of Ultron. In one of those new character descriptions, came the name of Dr. Helen Cho. Here's what the description said.

" Dr. Helen Cho (Claudia Kim) is a world-renowned geneticist and an ally of The Avengers. From her offices in Seoul, South Korea, to sharing workspace with Bruce Banner in his lab at Avengers Tower, Dr. Cho’s research and technology help keep The Avengers in the fight."

Now this Dr. Helen Cho is the mother of Amadeus Cho, that according to Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richard, is seventh smartest person in the world. His intellect often gets him into trouble like being hunted by the agents of Pythagoras Dupree , and other troublesome act.

The question is, will he appear on Age of ultron? or maybe just a glimpse of him? or her mother made a reference about him? its hard to say. But one thing is for sure that the movie is way too crowded so perhaps if he did appear it would be a small role for him or like i said, just a reference about his whereabout or his information.

With him around the avengers squad, Marvel could possibly fill the space of Reed Richard of being one of the smartest person. But of course, it's all in marvel hands. whatever the choice is, Marvel will get it right!

Avengers: Age of Ultron opens May 1.


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