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The Flash so far has been a great ride/journey. Since the pilot episode, 'The Flash' has been giving us little easter eggs, surprises, plot twists and a great experience overall. The actors seem to fit the roles very well and from the tweets and Facebook statuses we can gather they have great on-screen and off-screen chemistry.

The characters they have introduced are great, with a new "meta-human" every week, viewers are satisfied as we are treated with a variety of villains. The primary villains for this season include:

The Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Pied Piper, General Eiling. Newly introduced but not properly Gorilla Grodd and from who started as villain turned back into hero Firestorm.

With the several superhero crossovers the viewers/fans of the show are greatly entertained as we get to see more of our favourite heroes. By conjoining the Flash World with the Arrow World it will be interesting to see how things pan out with the Time Travel element occurring.

The Flash brings in new elements that we haven't seen yet in other DC Comics film programs.

Elements such as the humour of the "good guys" tying in with the dark, twisted way of the "villains" makes the experience of watching the show enjoyable. DC films and shows have personally been hard to enjoy/get in to. The Flash has adopted me into the DC Universe, being a Marvel fan predominantly - it is bazaar to see one show change my whole state of mind.

Each episode of The Flash just gets better and better, causing me to be eager to wait the sometimes long wait for the new episode. I am always excited to know that on a Wednesday I can look forward to The Flash.

The story has been great, with Barry on the hunt for the man who killed his mother and unrighteously jailed his father - AKA The Reverse Flash. The Reverse Flash has been unveiled as Dr Harrison Wells who happens to be Eobard Thawne. The series seems to just be tapping in to when Barry will confront Wells about the matter as Barry has his suspicions. With Time Travel introduced there is no doubt we will see The Flash go back in time and try to save his mother, which could end badly for his timeline. Eobard Thawne needs Barry to get back to his own time as he has no power from the speed force whereas Barry has tapped into out and is learning to use it as of the episode, "Tricksters".

The Flash has been a great experience so far and I can not wait to see more of this show. Now to wait until Wednesday so I can see the awesome episode of the "All Star Team Up".


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