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With the introduction of Spider-Man into the Marvel universe it just doesn't mean we get to see our friendly neighborhood webhead in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it also means we get to see a whole new side of the MCU we haven't discovered yet.

Spider-Man has some of the best cast and rogues gallery in the whole Marvel universe. Although I love both Sam Raimi's and Marc Webb's films, I feel like both of them didn't fully take advantage of the great cast of character that the comics showed, like Liz Allen, Flash Thompson, and Betty Brant. Marvel studios is known for never ignoring important characters or details in its films, they even mentioned Thor's alter ego Donald Blake in Thor 1 and Captain America's magnet shield in Avengers: Age of Ultron. So I hope they add more characters from the comics into the new films to give us the full Spidey experience. Since I feel the best thing about Spider-Man isn't just Peter's stories but also the stories around him and how he fits into them, it gives him more humanity. So here's my own list of characters I hope to be in the new film as well as their actors.

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Dylan O'Brien

Was this a surprise? O'Brien is the only young actor I could think of that could portray the webhead with passion and dedication. He would surely do the wall-crawler film justice. Apart from his great charisma and acting, O'Brien will rejuvenate life into the new Spider-Man film franchise with his wit and his massive fan following. There's various reason why I would want him and if you haven't seen my first article, 'Why Dylan O'Brien is the Spider-Man the MCU Needs!', then check it out for my full analysis on why O'Brien should be Spidey.

Mary Jane Watson - Lily Collins

Mary Jane is one of the most drop dead gorgeous girls of the entire Marvel universe. She's a supermodel and even the future wife of Peter Parker. Kirsten Dunst, while she is certainly pretty, didn't embody the rough, encouraging, independent, and no-bullshit Mary Jane that we see in the comics. Lily Collins, on the other hand, could embody that type of character. She's a rising star but she hasn't been in huge films yet, only the Mortal Instruments, Mirror Mirror and Love, Rosie, which failed financially. But Lily, nonetheless, has caught the eye of people and many state that she has star potential. Mary Jane could be her breakout role, she has the acting chops and the charisma for Mary Jane.

Harry Osborn - Dave Franco

Although this guys nearing 30, let's face it, he just doesn't age. Although it's kind of weird having the brother that already portrayed the character (James Franco, if you didn't know), Dave could portray the character brilliantly. Just watch him in 21 Jump Street or Neighbors, if you don't see what I mean. He could be cunning, popular, and a bastard as well. Harry, to me, is supposed to be the opposite of Peter, he is good with the ladies, popular, has a family, as well he has tons of cash but there nonetheless best friends and even roommates. But Dave could even portray the character with the same dramatic style and brilliance that his brother did.

Gwen Stacy - Emma Roberts

Just in case Marvel wants to also introduce Gwen Stacy again then I believe should cast none other than Emma Roberts. Not very surprising, since everyone has said she was gonna be Gwen since the Amazing films were in production. But hey, she is a great actress. But if Mary Jane is glamour and beauty than Gwen is the everyday kinda gal. The cute, and is kind of mysterious but also outgoing girl and independent, the kinda girl you'd meet in high school. Robert's pretty much embodies that trait in looks alone. So Marvel/Sony should definitely go for it.

Uncle Ben - Jon Voight

Having Uncle Ben seen in a flashback or voice would be good to see Spidey's mini origin in the new films. Voight might be too big of an actor to get such a short role but he'd surely make a memorable Ol' Ben nonetheless.

Aunt May- Meryl Streep

After such acting talents of Sally Field and Rosemary Harris, Mrs. Streep could do a fantastic job as the wise and comforting Aunt May. I mean come on, great actor? Check. Looks like a everyday aunt? Check. Aunt May? Check. Although Shreep is a huge star and a Oscar winner I still believe Streep would love to portray the character and become a part of the MCU.

J. Jonah Jameson - J.K. Simmons

Who else could it be? Simmons portrays J.J.J. with such humor and just has fun with the character. There's really no one who could fit the role. Sure, Simmons is a Oscar-winning actor now but he still has stated multiple times that he'd love to join the Spider-Man movies again and why not? He's perfect and would be a delight to see on the screen once again as everyone's most angry boss.

Liz Allen - Nina Dobrev

Liza Allen is one of Peter's earliest friends. Also his first crush. She's the girl that you see around school all the time, popular, talking with all her friends and just living her youth. Nina Dobrev looks like she could be that girl. After her roles in The Vampire Diaries and The First Time, she could really portray the young typical high schooler role that Liz Allen embodies. If Marvel/Sony want to change up the movie a bit they could have her become of Peter's main love interests. As well she could be a great actor that could mature as the films go on, example: becoming Harry Osborn's wife.

Betty Brant - Zooey Deschanel

Betty Brant is one of Peter's first crushes as well as one of his first love interests. He first met her when he first became a photographer at the Daily Bugle and even went on a few dates with each other. Deschanel looks like she could be a modern day Betty so it's not a crazy choice and she would certainly be very likable. Although she's 35, Betty is older than Peter in the comics so she could fit the character well.

Flash Thompson - Taron Egerton

An actor that some wanted to be the new Peter but when I saw him I didn't exactly see that, but what I did see in him was another Spidey character, Flash Eugene Thompson. Flash is the bully of Peter Parker most through high school, but later they become good friends. He actually saved Peter's Aunt May and his father in one book (Maximum Carnage). Now some of you are wondering why I would be giving a rising new star such a trivial character. But, recently, Flash has been anything but a trivial character. He recently got possessed by the Venom symbiote and became a anti-hero called Agent Venom. He even got to travel across the cosmos as a member of The Guardians of the Galaxy, seeing that on the big screen would be a dream come true. Egerton posses the jock-ish look of Flash and his cockiness (see 'Kingsman') as well easily match the talent of stars such as Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana.


Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Bryan Cranston

Is is there any reason you wouldn't want him to be the MCU's Norman Osborn? Just watch him in Breaking Bad for Christ's sake, he can play a unassuming genius while being one of the most ruthless drug lords in the West. He's cunning and a bastard, exactly what Norman Osborn is. Ol' Osborn isn't just a threat to the webhead but also the Marvel universe as a whole, so having a big and talented actor like Cranston isn't such a drastic idea and I'm sure he'd be down for it. After Phase 3, we could see Osborn be one of the major baddies in the Phase 4. As he could begin his own Dark Reign, where he becomes like dictator to the world and starts his own phony team of Avengers called the Dark Avengers. Seeing him up against all of Earth's most heroes would surely be something to see on the big screen and will garner much attention. Make it happen Marvel!

Eddie Brock/ Venom - Liam Hemsworth

Sooner or later the other Hemsworth brother has to work his way into the MCU, haha. This probably my most controversial person on the list, especially for such a menacing character like Venom. But before you kill me, let me explain, Spider-Man 3 gave us a pretty lame Eddie played by Topher Grace (seriously?), the reason why he failed was because he wasn't threatening enough and just didn't embody the character at all. Liam Hemsworth on the other hand, could be. He's big, muscular and could easily be intimidating to the wall-crawler. He might look a little like his brother, but a little makeup can solve that. He's also a pretty good actor, just look at the Hunger Games films and Paranoia. I feel like he could do the character justice in a good and human way and not a over-cartoonish way, he could portray Eddie from a talented but troubled journalist, to one of Spider-Man's most feared villains, and finally to a full fledged anti-hero.

Kraven the Hunter - Gerard Butler

Just watch him in 300, he shows he can have the heart and soul of a warrior. Kraven would be a walk in the park for Butler.

Otto Octvaious/Doctor Octopus - Alan Rickman

You may remember him as Die Hard's Hans Gruber or mostly Snape in the Harry Potter films. Honestly, he just needs to put those two for his resume to be Doctor Otto Octavius otherwise known as Doctor Octopus, one of Spidey's most feared villains. Rickman's portrayal as Hans Gruber showed he could sly and as a criminal mastermind, he could easily do the same for Doc Ock. After the great portrayal of Alfred Molina, Rickman's could do great justice to the role of Octavius, as well could be one of the big baddies of the MCU.

Adrian Toomes/The Vulture - John Malkovich

Introducing John Malkovich into the MCU as a crazed, scientist who flies around the city with makeshift wings would surely be something to see. Malkovich is an that could both portray compelling character as well as a insane but ingenious character such as Adrian Toomes. He could be one of the big baddies of any Spider-Man film, and could even be a member of the Sinister Six. Malkovich is known for playing off the wall characters so he'd probably love to play this villain.

Mac Gargan/The Scorpion - Kirk Acevedo

After his role in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, he showed he could portray a unlikeable and deceitful person. He could greatly use that if he decides to play Mac Gargan AKA the Scorpion.


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