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After all the hype for batman v superman with the awesome director zach snyder we can look for a god like movie.

The only downfall is how the heck is jesse eisenberg gonna play Lex luthor he could suprise us just like Heath Leger with the Joker but he just dosent look right Lex is ment to be serious he dosent look serious.

The cast is alright I loved Henry cavill as Superman im sure lots of other people did as well. Ben afleck is working his socks off to be a good Batman people who are saying he dosent stan a chance as Batman just give him a chance. Gal gadot who was in fast and furious she did not look tough but now she looks like a great actress to play wonder woman.Amy Adams loved her performance as Lois Lane in man of steel so I wish her and superman would be together not wonder woman and superman.

Look I prefer Batman more than superman but superman is just more powerful there is no chance Batman could beat superman there is more than 100 ways superman could beat Batman.Your probaly think oh Batman can use kryptonite superman would Lazer him from miles away.He could use kryptonite in a lether box which superman cant see through superman is not that dumb.

Batman probably breaking his fist.
Batman probably breaking his fist.

So overall I think this movie will be good the director is good the cast is decent but just think about all the things i have said.


so do you think Batman v superman dawn of justice will be good


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