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Wong Hon Fung

Ant Man will have its own solo movie released on July 17 2015, and the movie's release have fed the thirst of Ant Man's fans.And now, I have a question to raise.

The trailer mentioned some important scenes the movie,but it had not mentioned the 50-million-question: Will [Ant-Man](movie:9048) appear in form of Giant Man.(Readers,if u read until here,and u think this is bullshit,read on,maybe u will find some sense later on.)

Although the significant possibility of the Giant Man' appearance in the movie,I still think it is possible.

Reason:In the original comics, it is true that Ant Man appeared in Giant form.

Now,u think :Can one reason support your idea?

I think there is one reason ,but if the Ant Man don't have anymore solo movies,the possibility of Ant Man in Giant forn will GROW.


Anyway, I still believe in this point,but no matter or what,remember to watch the movie.There's the teaser trailer below ,and u can click to see it!

If u have any comments ,comment to tell me below.


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