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With the Flash television series gearing up to end its first season, news of the Flash movie starring Ezra Miller seems to be low on everyone's list of Flash update priorities, however some news on that front has been released. Apparently, Warner Bros has their eyes set on Phil Lord and Chris Miller, co-directors of the 21 Jump Street films, to take the helm of the big screen DC Cinematic Universe version of the scarlet speedster. This could also shed some light on the direction of the film, as well as which speedster we might be seeing in the red and yellow when the film hits theaters.

Lord and Miller are also currently being looked at to helm the Channing Tatum all-male Ghostbusters film, which could make the two directors the center of a bidding war between WB and Sony, so this is far from set in stone. The Jump Street films, while full of great explosions and car chases, were most notable for their comedy, which could mean that Warner Bros is looking at making the Flash film a lot more light-hearted than what we have seen with Man of Steel and from what we are sure to get with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice next year. It could also be a sign that Warner and DC Entertainment could be planning a move to distinguish the Flash movie from its wildly popular television counterpart.

If Warner Bros does end up hiring a comedic director, whether it be Lord and Miller or not, it could be a clear indication that we won't be seeing Barry Allen on the big screen after all, but we could, in fact, be getting a Wally West Flash in Ezra Miller. This may be a fair amount of wishful thinking on my part, but I really think this could be a brilliant move on the part of WB, mostly because with the Flash television series being so popular having another version of Barry Allen in the DCCU would only invite comparisons to be made, and those comparisons could hurt the perception of Miller's performance, and could possibly derail the film. If Warners goes in a completely different direction, with another equally popular and well-known Flash, they avoid any negative fan reaction this could present. Also, there are a large number of Wally West fans out there, myself included, who grew up with Wally as the Flash of their childhood. The unexpected announcement that Miller would in fact be playing Wally West would drastically increase any interest Wally West fans would have in the film.

Right now everything on the cinematic Flash is pretty sparse, but we should probably expect to be seeing a lot more news after the Flash television series goes on hiatus. The Flash film is set for a 2018 release date, so it is still quite a ways away, but it seems clear that Warner Bros is trying to get all of their cinematic ducks in a row early. At any rate, we will keep you updated as news develops and in the meantime, the Flash television series airs Tuesday nights at 8pm on the CW and is coming under the wire with only 6 episodes left of the season, and they look to be some pretty exciting episodes.


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