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As of late you have been seeing a slew of hateful anons messages on Hell yeah Superman and Wonder Woman's page. (All from the same small... very small group of constantly angry and jelly of Superman and Wonder Woman’s boogie ladies) And that's not even the half of it... All day every day screaming the same exact thing...Captain Picard level Facepalm.

I graduated from high school in 2007. I thought childishness ended when one stepped into the real world, but I was wrong so wrong. Comic book are for everyone. No one has a monopoly on what stories any writer writes or what any artists draws. Some fans don’t understand that... So enraged at the fact that some like something new ie SMWW they lash out at other fans, DC artists, fan artists, DC writers, fanfic writers, DC staff and DC editors. I will say their are some with dignity to just ignore something they don't care for like adults but others... Temper tantrum terrible two level... Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook Comic Book Resources... No place for fandom love is safe.

Adults living their lives through fictional characters... Its like real life Mean Girls or Carrie... Bullying someone who is different from them. Who thinks different from them. Belittling others ship because its different and more and more people are starting to love it. Like I said childish...

We know neither Superman, Wonder Woman or any superhero would tolerate such deplorable behavior to anyone. They would stand up against it! So be a Superman & a Wonder Woman. Don't bully other because of who they ship. Its fiction and meant for all.

Remember you are not alone, but one of many other who loves the some things dearly. Be you & knock out their hate with the love you feel for your ship! Be approve the pettiness of those who hate just because they wish they had the joy you feel within you every time you do you.

Be a Superman! Be a Wonder Woman! Love your ship proudly and let that love outshine their hate!


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