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We have all been there. We have an hour to sit down, have lunch and watch something quick but entertaining. The problem is you could easily spend that hour browsing through Netflix without deciding what you want to see. By the time you pick, you finished your lunch and it's time to move on with the day.

It is a universal problem that Netflix users have. The abundance of choices becomes confusing and serious commitment to a movie or series is hard to summon.

I find it easier to sit down and enjoy a film from my friend's recommendations than whatever Netflix believes I will like. We don't know each other that well, Netflix. Take it easy! So in the hopes of saving you from browsing incessantly, I have decided to make some monthly recommendations of my favorite Netflix flicks.

I thought it would be best to divide the suggestions into categories. For the month of April, I picked five foreign movies streaming on Netflix that I believe are excellent films everyone should see at least once. Sometimes we get too caught up on Hollywood's formulaic style and forget that movies, and the world, have varied ways of telling stories and exciting us.

If you have any Netflix recommendations, please let me know in the comments. I am always looking for some hidden gem to watch.

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