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After the surprise twist in the episode Tricksters, it looks like [The Flash](series:1068303) fans everywhere may owe Doctor Harrison Wells a deep, heartfelt apology. I mean sure, we all thought he was a cold-blooded killer who was only concerned with his own priorities, but deep down, we see that he truly wants to help our Scarlet Speedster and is being manipulated by something, or rather someone. That someone's name: Eobard Thawne.

Yeah, that guy.
Yeah, that guy.

Now, let's recap why Harrison Wells is actually not the monster he seems to be.

Reverse Flash unmasks and isn't Doctor Wells.

That's...very much NOT Harrison Wells.
That's...very much NOT Harrison Wells.

Now, in the flashback, we see a Reverse Flash, whom we automatically assume to be Harrison Wells, going at it tooth and nail with the Fastest Man Alive while Barry's mother is caught in the crossfire. However, Reverse Flash dashes out of the house and down another street, speaking to his computer, which informs him that he has used the last of his speed energy. At this point, Reverse Flash rips his mask off and reveals that he is in fact, NOT Harrison Wells. So, fans questioned, "Who's the new guy?" The new guy later attacks the actual Doctor Wells and reveals that he is Eobard Thawne. He goes on to inform the actual Doctor Wells that he needs to speed up construction of the particle accelerator. Then, Thawne attaches some sort of futuristic taser-looking device to Wells, and we see Wells crumple and die, while Thawne's features alter to look like those of Doctor Wells.

Joe told Barry the blood they found didn't match Wells.

There's an explanation for that: it's NOT the blood of Doctor Wells. It's the blood of Eobard Thawne, which is now being housed in the body of Doctor Wells.

It is stated that Harrison Wells is still there somewhere.

The episode itself states that although Thawne has taken over Wells' body, deep down inside, where it really matters, Wells is there, fighting every action Thawne forces Wells to commit. With this being the case, it certainly explains why Wells (not Thawne) states over and over that everything he does is to protect Barry Allen. Although we see Thawne using Wells' body to attempt to murder Barry, Wells is in there somewhere, fighting for survival and fighting to keep Barry out of Thawne's evil clutches for as long as possible. As such, I believe that we have thoroughly misjudged the good Doctor Wells as being a victim of circumstances beyond his control. Wells wasn't responsible for Nora Allen's murder. Thawne was. Had Thawne been in Wells' body at the time, Wells would likely have attempted to prevent that tragedy from occurring as well. We apologize, Doctor Wells. We misjudged you on insufficient data. Let the record show that from this day forward, Doctor Harrison Wells is a good guy in our book. Eobard Thawne, on the other hand, had better watch his step before the Flash decides to go superhero all over him.

What should happen next?

I personally think that what needs to happen next is for Barry and the team to somehow find out that Thawne has taken over Wells' body, capture him, and then use the quantum splicer that separated Firestorm on Doctor Wells, hopefully returning the two into separate characters. If this were to be accomplished, Wells could finish out the season doing what Thawne has been pretending to do all along: protecting Barry. Meanwhile, Thawne could still be trying to destroy Barry, but now have to do it as himself and not use Doctor Wells as an unwilling Trojan Horse.

On a completely unrelated note, who else noticed the epic nod to Mark Hamill's role as Luke Skywalker when he dropped the "I am your father" line on the copycat Trickster?

"Your grandfather would be proud!"
"Your grandfather would be proud!"

Is Wells really a victim? Is he guilty? What do you guys think?


What is your verdict on Harrison Wells?


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