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Alright everyone, you should all be as excited about the new team up show as I am. Why? Because it gives CW the chance to give more underrated superheroes the screen time they deserve and aren't going to get in the film universe. However, who will they give the opportunity to next? I'll start with what I think team Arrow and team Flash will look like going into seasons 4 and 2 respectively.

Team Arrow

If you haven't seen my article on what I think will happen at the end of Arrow season 3, then read it here first. I think we are going to have:

Oliver (Arrow)


Laurel (Black Canary)

Thea (Speedy)

I think that this is something we will see coming into the end of season 3.


Felicity (Oracle)

This one is a maybe for me. I guess it depends on whether she chooses to stay with Oliver or goes with Ray. Hard to tell but probably staying at Team Arrrow.

That's all really. I know what you're thinking, but that is what I'm thinking. Roy may not make it to the end of season 3 and I think Thea will take over as the official sidekick. Now onto Team Flash, which will change a little more.

Team Flash

Now, although the actual personnel of the team won't change that much, it appears that what capacity they have in the team will be very different.

Barry (Flash)

Obvious enough. Now it gets interesting.

Caitlyn (Killer Frost)

That's right, in the comics Caitlyn Snow is Killer Frost, and I think the love interest with Firestorm makes this a cert for the show (Fire and Ice right?) I think they will explore this in season 2.

Cisco (Vibe)

I get to name myself!!??
I get to name myself!!??

That's right Cisco Ramon in the comics is Vibe, a hero who controls vibrations, and in season one we saw him say the words

Now it seems pretty obvious they are leading into him becoming Vibe in season 2.

Now is where it gets interesting because it is hard to tell without seeing the last few episodes of season one, just what is going to happen?

Ronnie (half of Firestorm)


Now it is strange that the other half of Firestorm is on the Spin-off show, but I think Ronnie doesn't die, because there is a lot more to see from him and Robbie Amell is a great actor (and Stephen Amell will be displeased if the little cousin is fired) so I think that before season 1 ends, we see a way for Ronnie and Dr Stein split permanently but retain their powers somehow.

Wally/Bart (Kid Flash/Impulse)


I think that, just like Arrow season 2, when we saw Roy start to develop as a sidekick, we will see one of these characters in season 2 of flash. I think that is even more likely than seeing Cisco or Caitlyn get their powers in season 2. Especially with time travel in the equation now.

Now that's done, I think the question is about the team up show. I'll start with characters we know about:

Ray (A.T.O.M)

Now this is the probable headliner of the show, as, honestly, he has had the most screen time and has been established as a lovable character. Plus he was actually considered for being the sole hero in this show before CW saw the reaction to Firestorm etc.

Martin Stein (the other half of Firestorm)

In what capacity, I'm not sure. If Robbie Amell continues on Flash, we may assume it is with powers. So does Stein also retain his? He surely isn't on the team just as "the science guy" because Ray is already a genius.

Sara Lance (Canary?)

Considerable confusion over this, it appears that whoever takes over as head of the League of Assassins, whether it be Oliver or Nyssa, will use the Lazarus pits to return Sara to us. Why she then goes off and joins Ray's team, I cannot say. it is also possible that, although it is the same actress, it is a different character. Personally I would prefer to see Sara return as Canary, as it is less confusing to use Lazarus pits, which we already know about.

We also know Wentworth Miller will be in this show as Captain Cold, and Dominic Purcell as Heatwave, but that's surely still as a villain and I'm focusing on heroes.

Hawkgirl (Ciara Renee cast as)

This news has just been announced recently. It is interesting for me for several reasons. I love Hawkgirl, and I think it possibly leads us to some other characters. I don't know the actress very well, but I'm sure she will be perfect because CW is getting pretty good at this.

Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill cast as)

I love it. I love the idea of having Rip Hunter, who is a Roguish Time traveller who takes little responsibility for anything. I love the idea of Arthur Darvill, who is used to time travelling after his tenure on Doctor Who as Rory. I love it because the Flash has already introduced time travel. It all makes sense.

So that is what we know about this spin-off, but other heroes are to follow it appears, and I'm wondering who they could be? We know there needs to be one more male character, and Caity Lotz could still be playing a new character. Let's have a look at the possibilities.

Black Lightning

I could totally see an episode of the Flash near the end of season 1 where there is a flashback to the night of the particle accelerator explosion. A guy is up on a pylon, trying to fix the electricity and suddenly the explosion goes off, the pylon electrocutes him and suddenly we have our Black Lightning. Awesome choice.

Blue Beetle

I love Blue Beetle, hell, every DC comics fan loves Blue Beetle. He's just awesome, and totally underrated, just like most of the heroes who appear on CW. However, the character of Ray Palmer is so alike him, genius, billionaire, inventor of his own armour and weapons (Also batman, Ironman... generic comics character really) and I doubt they would want the two on the same show because they want a variety of characters.

Booster Gold

Come on guys, Booster Gold is just fun. He is from the future, which they can totally do now, he is a cocky guy, clashing personalities with Ray perhaps? And he is another underused character who will not make it into the films. Use him!

Martian Manhunter

CW need to jump at this. Seriously. Martian Manhunter used to be one of the seven major members of the Justice League, until the New 52 reboot came in and upgraded Cyborg from teen titan to major justice league member. Martian Manhunter is a totally awesome character, and since they already have an irresponsible male character (Rip Hunter) and a genius, high power team leader (A.T.O.M), they must be looking for a totally different character right? This is it! Martian Manhunter hasn't been confirmed for any of the films, and he needs to be on something!

That's what I'm thinking. I'm doing future articles on possible villains for all these shows, and who Caity Lotz could be. What do you think?


Which of these characters should be the other team member on the spin-off?


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