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Fantastic 4 is coming this year, and seen the new trailer, this gonna be a new version of the superheroes. Nonetheless, we don't see the original suits in the trailer, and that make a lot of polemic between the fans. But at the end we have a positive answer thanks to Miles Teller, who interprets Reed Richards, who says we've gonna see the original suits in the movie.

If you don't know the history, this suit is blue and have a big 4 on the chest. On the trailer we see a more realistic and dark suit, described like contention suits. That happens with the necesity to content his recently adquired powers, and with the suits that's possible.

20th Century Fox/Marvel
20th Century Fox/Marvel

In the Insurgent tour, movie in which also appears Miles Teller, answer the question and says than we've see eventually the original suits, but, the dark version, like in the trailer appears, is the version than we gonna see in the mostly part of the movie.

We assume than the change of clothes, gonna happen when the superheroes accept his powers, maybe nearly to the end of he movie. He add that show the original suits is something for the fanatics. Maybe for the 2017 sequel we see the superheroes with his original suit, totally changed and assuming their identities like superheroes.

This new history gonna be darkest and dramatic, cause give us the change of the heroes when they travel to a new world altering his fisical capacities. If you want to know how this version is alike the comic, have wait up to August 7th when it debuts on cinemas.


What do you think? Are you excited for this new change?


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