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My goodness gracious... After seeing this movie it instantly jumped into my all-time favorites and is a definite recommend. Not only is the story line incredibly unique but it leaves you wanting to know so much more about the robot's future in the world. The movie takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa, just a few years in the future. This, in my point, was a great setting because you don't see a lot of these kind of futuristic Sci-Fi movies start in a lesser known place such as this. It also involves a robot who is the first of it's kind, though not new it is still incredibly interesting. Chappie is an experimental robot gone extremely right. He gains consciousness and the movie takes you through his creators struggle to raise him right after three criminals get ahold of him and his misadventures with these new masters. He is then put through different trials that may very well decide the future of all V.I. and A.I. robots across the entire globe. Though there is a little left to be desired with character development of the 'villain' Hugh Jackman plays and the CEO of the robotics company, Sigourney Weaver, as well as the romance between two of the criminals, Yolandi and Ninja; the awesome experience of watching a highly intelligent robot learn and grow in personality is overwhelmingly amazing. It makes you wonder if something like Chappie is close to being in our world making science fiction a reality, as so many other new-age gadgets have. This movie is obviously not for everyone, but I feel critics have been too harsh on Chappie, and you can never know how you feel about it until you have experienced this masterpiece yourself. Thank you, Neill Blomkamp, you made a great movie.


Have you seen Chappie? How did you feel it did?


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