ByMistie Anderson, writer at

Okay. I was kind of bias going into this one, I mean.. its Deadpool. My expectations are usually set low so that I don’t get all hung up on how disappointed I am from the go. HOWEVER. I feel that anyone touching anything Deadpool should be held to a damn high standard. Our fourth wall breaking Merc with a mouth is a challenge in an of himself, and you damn well better include a disgusting amount of gore, violence, and as many good looking women in spandex as possible. Right?

Well. They delivered. "Deadpool" is a beautiful piece of work by marvel, Activision, and Highmoon. Rightly rated M for the obvious blood, violence, and crude humor that we not only know AND LOVE, but fuckin expected. That being said, the one thing I wasn’t prepared for ended up being just how damn funny it all was! I was actually laughing out loud at Deady’s antics as he practically skipped though a game full of clones, excessive violence, and brutality. Any DP reader knows these things are associated with him. You'd think it might have been hard to pin a guy like deady down. Bluemoon and Activision seemed to say “Pish, Posh!” The Merc with the Mouth not only lives up to his name, but astounds you with his spot on banter, explosion, gore filled video game of pure awesome!!!! ...Can we please have more then one marvel??


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