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This post is just me giving my thoughts on which actor I believe would be great in possible upcoming roles for DC. This is my first post on this site as well. So, I'll try to do my best! Feel free to comment your own thoughts as well in the comment section.

Ok, let's get started. I believe that the DCCU will have a phase 2 for their universe, once phase 1 is finished, and with a phase 2, comes new characters, sometimes. Here are my thoughts on what characters I would love to see make it to the big screen in phase 2, if they don't make it in phase 1 of the DCCU.

Black Canary

I feel Black Canary won't be revealed in the DC Cinematic Universe for a while, and she also seems like the type of character that will show up once the core 7 members of the Justice League are out on screen. An actress that I feel can bring justice to the role is:

Emily Blunt

I feel Emily Blunt would be awesome for the role for many reasons. She has proven to be a great actress in many films such as, The Devil Wears Prada, The Five Year Engagement, Looper, and The Edge Of Tomorrow.

Emily, has shown interest in superhero films as well, but has stated that if she were to take on the role of a superhero, it would have to be a part that she feels comfortable doing, and that makes a lot of sense to be honest. Here's a link to a interview with Emily Blunt discussing superhero films.

The next hero I would love to see make it to the big screen is:

Green Arrow

I'll be honest. At first, I wasn't a big fan or a fan at all of Green Arrow when I was a kid, but I was able to give the CW's version a chance, and I ended up not only loving the show, but also having a new found respect for the character as well. I still don't know much about Green Arrow, because I'm no expert on the character, but from what I've read about the character, he seems really cool! I've even heard, he was able to shoot an arrow with one hand! That in itself is pure epic! So, what actor do I think will bring the role to justice on the big screen? Well, here's my choice:

Charlie Hunnam

I know this is a fan casting that has already been done already, but when I see a picture of the guy, I see Oliver Queen. I haven't watched the show Sons of Anarchy, but I have a good portion of the film Pacific Rim, and I loved it! I thought it was a lot like the series Gundam that I remember watching as a kid on toonami. I know my choice is not that in depth, but I really do feel Charile Hunnam can do a great job portraying Green Arrow, if given the chance.

Another character I truly hope to see in the future for the big screen is:

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl

I have grown to love the character Supergirl since I was a kid, because of how different she was compared to Superman. I felt she was a lighter toned superhero, compared to Superman as well. I feel Supergirl has always been shown to be a protege to Superman, similar to how Nightwing was to Batman. I've always seen the character Supergirl, as a young, strong, independent type of woman, and she has proved to be exactly that, many times through the TV series she's been in, and the comicbooks she has made an appearance in as well. I'm excited for the CBS Supergirl TV series, and I'm sure Melissa Benoist will do a great job, but an actress I believe can fit the role perfectly for the big screen is:

Emma Watson

Emma Watson in my opinion, has proven to be a true young, strong, and independent woman, who is trying her best to make a difference in the world the way she feels she can. I'm sure many people feel the same way I do about Emma Watson. She has truly proved to be a inspiration to not only females, but to males as well. I loved her in the Harry Potter films, and I also thought she was great in the film This Is The End. Emma Watson has my full respect. I think she's proven to be a wonderful human being, and I feel that she truly wants to bring more positivity to the world in any way she can. Here's a link to a small clip of her talking about Women's rights: Check it out!

Another character that would be cool to see on the big screen is:

The Riddler

I feel the riddler is a very cool character. He's known to be a very smart villain, yet a trickster at the same time. I feel the riddler would be a cool character to show fans, since he hasn't been been shown on the big screen for a long time. I think it would be a cool new approach showing fans a different type of villain besides the Joker who Batman has to face in Gotham, and also I think it would definitely be cool to see what makes Joker and The Riddler so different from one another as well. An actor I feel can fit the role is:

Matt Smith

I don't know that much about Matt Smith, but I do know of his work in the show Doctor Who, and I feel he would do the role justice, because in my opinion I think he can show the playful side of The Riddler, while at the same time, be serious, and dark with the character as well.

The last character I would love to see in phase 2 of the DC Cinematic Universe is:


Hawkgirl is a character I've had some interest in, and I feel the character might show up in phase 1 of the DC Cinematic Universe, but it's possible fans might hear about the character showing up in phase two as well. Hawkgirl to me, is a strong woman that can definitely hold her own against anyone. She is also a Thanagarian, and I think it's known that Thanagarians love to fight. I feel she would definitely be a cool character to throw into the DC Cinematic Universe, and it would be definitely cool to see her skills shown on the big screen. I also can't wait to see Ciara Renee's version of Hawkgirl in the Arrow/Flash spinoff series! An actress I think would be cool for the role on the big screen is:

Eva Green

Eva Green I think fits the role perfectly, because of her portrayal in 300: Rise of the Empire. I thought she was definitely cool in that film, and proved able to hold her own against the men in the film. Eva Green, in my opinion, showed the closest version to Hawkgirl I've seen on the big screen, and I think she would do a great job if given the role.

That's the end of my fan casting, and my thoughts on what actors or actresseswho should be cast in certain roles in the DC Cinematic Universe. I hope everyone liked it, and I will consider making another post concerning DC Superheroes, and other cool topics in the future.

Let me know what you all thought of my fan casting in the comment section below. Have a nice day everyone!


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