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Now, before we begin, let me just state one thing. I know there have been many interpretations of the 4 horsemen both in the media and literature, but this is the first idea I had for something I would like to write in the future. So, with that being said, The DarkPath Trilogy. A look at the current state of the world and the constant threat of corruption and recent events of wrongdoing by religous groups + churches. So it's not just about making the horsemen look cool. What's the plot? The year is 2012, the rich make the poor's life miserable, nobody is allowed to look after or help homeless, men, woman and children. The government has been trapped in a deadlock, unable to do much due to the Democratic president and Republican congress. God considers causing another great flood to teach humanity a lesson and wipe out the stale, festering evil of the world, seeing frequent resource wars, terrorism, slavery and dictatorships all over, but decides not to due to his many followers in Catholocism and Christianity.

This view stays the same for quite a while, until he gets into another squabble with Lucifer. One of his taunts, "You think everyone who loves and praises you are righteous and noble, if only you realized that wickedness and corruption lies in the hearts of the good and trusted who rever you for your greatness. This is the only time I have ever pitied my worst enemy." hits so close to home, that God becomes more worried, paranoid and strict, being plagued by visions and nightmares constantly. Eventually, he takes a archangel's advice and looks into the matter. What he finds disgusts and horrifies him to the point that he gives in and admits that humanity has finally crossed the line, and are too vile and disgusting to be on this planet. In his rage, he sets homes on fire and causes small explosions all over as well as sending all animals into a bloodthristy rage. However, used to all this sort of stuff, humanity endures and sustains itself. So, God sends the 4 down to wipe out mankind once and for all.

At first, they do their job pretty darn well. But over time, they realize more and more that no animal, not even mankind, deserves this harsh, brutal punishment, and that no matter how good or evil a species is, everyone has the right to live and that God is evil and bad, not humankind. So, the horsemen decide to free their imprisoned 5th brother and rebel against heaven. Yeah, I know the whole, "God is a basterd" angle has been explained numerous times before, but I don't care, this is my take on the legend of the 4 horsemen.

So, without further ado, our protaganists!!!!


The de-facto leader of the group. He is very cold and calculating, always strategizing, always thinking. The man never has a shred of doubt about his job in his mind and believes in God, his mind resting on the decision that everything is for a good cause. Deep down, he holds the admittance that humanity would never do anything so bad as to deserve this fate. Regardless, he does not rebel, full knowing that God is too powerful for anyone to fight, even when the 4's power is combined. Rides a beautiful white stallion named Triumph, symbolizing the results and aftermath of conquest. His weapon of choice is a Spanish cutless made out of hardened silver.


Death is the 2nd of command. Due to his former occupation as the angel Azreal, he knows that nobody lives forever, and no matter who someone is or the matter of their race, they must eventually pass on. He is silent most of the time, aiming to stay focused on his job, as if he gets distracted, he knows that he will show remorse, guilt, compassion and reluctance at the worst possible moments. Has a very dry, black sense of humor, which, at times, only makes him laugh. Deeply cares for the safety of all of his bretheran, especially War, who is the most reckless and foolish of the 4. He has harbored a special dislike and kinda grudge for humanity, because out of all the horsemen, he is the only one feared and hated by mankind. His horse is a living corpse named Slumber, due to the nature and occurence of Death. His weapon is, (of course), a huge, rusted, destroyed out-of order scythe with a Obsidean handle.


The bruiser of the group and possibly the youngest. He prefers to rush into things and enjoys the thrill of combat with a insanitable bloodlust. Due to this, it is difficult to calm him down and only Death can accomplish this feat the quickest. He never cared for the opinion of others and is known to frequently rebel against god just to have a lot of fun. Is known to crack jokes at inappropriate moments, making his wisecracks more annoying then humorous. Despite coming off, ignorant and stupid at times, he does take in advice, plans and strategies, and plays his part frequently, mixing that in or setting it aside for a little bit of fun frequently, so, though he may not look it, he really does pay attention. He does respect humanity for it's bravery and endurance in this fate of a great calamity, and especially loves the U.S and Britain due to the two currently being major superpowers and and their alliance as well as actions during WWII. Due to this, he cracks action movie lines he has heard at times and believes that no matter how the world and it's strongest nations may die, they certainly didn't deserve this. Rides a hellhorse known as Terminator, for reasons I already described to you,though the horse preferred it's previous name, Calamity.


Perhaps the oldest of the group, which if true, makes him share the spot with the imprisoned horseman. Before the apocalypse, he spent the most out of all them walking the Earth as a homeless person, though due to his race, immune to many of the things that would kill people of his kind. He does not like combat, seeing it as a waste of time, which could be spent eating. Regardless, his scales are a unique weapon as if one side is tipped, a bunch of food is released but if it is tipped if the other direction, all that food turns into locusts. Not even Famine can figure out why this happens, but finds it annoying due to his insanitable hunger. Bears a grudge against humanity for their treatment of the homeless, and hates the rich for their relutance to share food with anyone. Though, despite this, one simple reason lies inside his heart that makes him think humanity does not deserve this fate. If all of humanity is exterminated or wiped out forever, the scales will never produce food again. And that is something he especially does not want.


Long ago, the horsemen were 5. The 5th was known as Pestilence. Due to being the embodiment of disease and plague, his teeth have rotted to the point that he can no longer speak and mostly just uses sign language or a curt nod. His spine is very fragile and it is hard for him to walk on weak legs at times. Frequently coughs and wheezes, his trembing very visible. For these reasons, everyone feels sorry for him, and believes that he did not deserve this fate, Famine most of all. His heart has stopped beating, though he does not need. His weapon? Tons of maggots, cockroaches and parasitic bugs lie hidden all over his body.His very touch covers objects with fungi. Though he does not show it, he is grateful for how his brothers feel about him and wishes most of all to be with them again. full knowing that the apocalypse must stop for that to ever happen.

Used to have a desiesed infested living horse named Plague for obvious reasons.

Well. what do you guys think? Have any constructive criticism? Have a favorite horsemen based on what I have revealed about them? Leave all the answers in the comments below.


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