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Hey guy's, Cody "BlueBralwer4" Medrano back again (Yes I know it's misspelled, it's how I roll.) I had spent most of the week thinking; I had a lot of fun writing the top 5 heroes list I made and what to write for my next one.

Now I'm not a journalist, I have access to the news like anyone else and didn't know what to write...then the news hit. Stephen Amell; known to all as Oliver Queen on the great show "Arrow", had been cast as Casey Jones the hockey stick vigilante from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

...I think I have my story.

On this edition of "Blue's Views," the article in which I go over news I heard and give my opinion (keyword: opinion) on and try to start a conversation with you guys: The Readers. We'll be discussing the casting and whether this is a good or bad thing.

Now to start, before the writing of this article it was believed that the casting was Rumor until Stephen Amell himself tweeted this:

Which I also believed to be a tease at the time but then the the website had published this article:

Confirming that Amell had been cast and the reason behind his casting being "Amell's Chemistry with Fox was the deciding factor." Which honestly you got to give him that; it takes talent to have chemistry with stone.

Stephen Amell is a great actor. His portrayal of Oliver Queen is great and the show is just a joy to watch; my own purist beliefs aside. The things that get me are how this seems to be the closest thing we'll ever get to a Batman show because of the Bat-Embargo which is still in effect; Gotham notwithstanding., and how bringing in Batman-centric characters and alluding to the Batman stable and yet we get nothing in terms of Gotham itself or about her favorite son and protector. Then again, Green Arrow himself was created as a kind of ripoff of Batman to begin with (cough) Arrow Cave! (cough) So it made sense either way. Anyway, back to the lecture at hand.

Let's start by going a bit into who Arnold Bernid "Casey" Jones is even though the character had gone through a number of incarnations. Eastman and Laird; in their original inception of the character, didn't want him to have the typical vigilante background and had him watch too many cop shows and be inspired to do something about the crime in his city, so he grabbed a bunch of sports equipment and just started beating people with baseball bats, hockey sticks and the most dangerous of all a cricket bat. Big suprise you don't need to know what a crumpet is to get beaten like a dog by something from Cricket. All while wearing a hockey mask and shouting a mighty battle cry of, "GOONGALA!"

Just saying that makes me feel more manly. Suck it Chuck Norris.

Through Casey's time as the vigilante he came across the Red Clad turtle everyone seems to love, Raphael. Raph was out and dealt with a pair of muggers and let them go, only for them to find the righteous fury of Casey Jones. Casey; almost going to far, was stopped by Raph and that sparked a friendship and a growing partnership for Casey and the four Terrapin shinobis. They have adventures, he marries April, they adopt a kid, try to have one they make on their own and all things just get awesome.

Actually pretty simple really. As I said in the beginning Amell is a great actor and people had told me how he can handle a character like Casey. My apprehension of Amell becoming the character is this though. Casey Jones is a character with notable qualities a bigger chip on his shoulder than Raphael and a mouth bigger than Michelangelo and we're gonna cast a guy who plays a socially conscious super hero who started as a knockoff of Batman and the writing of Arrow itself; as I stated, is the closest we'll actually get to a real Batman show. Gotham does not count for me.

Theater-goers are gonna go expecting the dark hero who shoots arrows at people, when really they SHOULD be seeing a smart alec who looks like a lankier Jason Vorhees. I feel like it would create a bit of whiplash but then again people are smarter than Hollywood likes to think and the first TMNT movie they made actually surprised me with how terrible but still good it was.

What do you guys think? Looking forward to the new TMNT movie? Excited to see grungy Amell for an entire 2 hour movie and not just like 2/5 of an Arrow episode? Think he'll say the Goongala?

Put it in the comments below let's get something going guys.

In any other case, I'm blue and this is just my view.


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