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Many, many people have their doubts on the DCCU and for reasons we understand. MoS's mixed reviews, the tone, the direction, the casting, etc. I think that not only will Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice sets up for a bigger universe, but so does Suicide Squad. Here's why!

Give Us Hints and Easter Eggs

Slow your horses down, no funny ideas... actually, this can lead into Superboy and Young Justice, but that's for a different article entire. Anyway, the Cadmus logo alone says so much! A lot can be shown in the movie like Nth Metal, the Father Box (Yes, not the Mother Box), alien tech, the mention of metahumans, and more. What I really want to see is a hint of the overall story, but at the same time... constantly leaving us with wanting more! Marvel does a great job with telling an on-going story, but one thing for me is... we know exactly where it's going!


Yes, CAMEOS! The word(s) "cameo" and "Easter egg" is something that fans think don't exist in the DCCU. You hear a character being in a movie and then it's blown out of proportion. Anyway, there's a lot you can do with subtly! It's nice to see that villains are really getting some shine. For example, imagine in some way, you see Barbara Minerva (Cheetah), Intergang, William Han (Black Hand), Adrianna Tomaz (Isis), and more. You have a limitless amount of subtly introducing characters. Steve is rumored to be in the movie, which is an instant Wonder Woman tie-in!

Amanda Waller

This also gives us a look Amanda Waller! Obviously I wouldn't want the entire movie about her, but rather a starting point of her character. Waller doesn't play games and she's no joke. What I'd like to see is her and the government constantly keeping tabs on ALL vigilantes and metahumans, that includes the Justice League! She's no scare to go in the face of Batman! And just like Batman, she has a contingency for the Justice League.


All of these are a personal want, but this is just what I really want! I would've titled this piece on the characters, but I think it's obvious what we want for them! The movie can't be scared to go places that can help the DCCU. I said they should have cameos and Easter eggs so the movie can give us hints of what's coming. Don't be afraid to show us characters like William Han and Babara Minerva (which are in the new Suicide Squad). Also, have a little tour in a lab to give us a sneak-peek for Amanda Waller's "back-up plan" if the heroes go rogue. Another thing is... make sure we still know they're villains! Make sure we see them stab each other in the back! We have to still know and see that they're bad guys!

That's basically it! Well, they're filming, so technically this is null and void. If anything, the movie must be ambitious (obviously people would tell me that). I just want the movie to go places.

What do you think? What do you want to see in Suicide Squad? Leave a comment below!

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