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Who is this wannabe Batman? What is the point of driving around the streets of Chibat, Japan dressed up in a Batman costume? Well, this is not Batman, this "Chibatman". There have been frequent sightings of "Chibatman" for the past 4 years in the city of Chibat. There is a Interview from BCC which shows Chibatman explaining why he is doing this. In the interview he said "I started doing this around 3 years ago. As for my reasons, during the great earthquake, people have forgotten how to smile. I wanted to help bring the smile back. And that's why I started this."

A mother & daughter taking a picture with Chibatman
A mother & daughter taking a picture with Chibatman

The idea he has created works. Everywhere he goes people takes pictures with him and they smile. Just like the real Batman, "Chibatman" keeps his identity a secret. The only thing he will reveal is that he is a 41-year old welder. This man also likes to dress up in a Star Wars Storm Trooper.

This video got viral online showing "Chibatman" speeding down a highway


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