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Reid Jones

The Divergent series has swept through as a New York Times Best Seller, but the high hopes I had for the first film fell through as one of two films last year in which I checked to see the time. However, having read the novels, I can say that the first film did a great job following the book accurately.

Insurgent, unlike its predecessor, kept me engaged the entire time, with action and a plot that kept even those who knew the story going in hanging onto every scene. The film combines the best plot developments of some of the greatest plot points of many films throughout the decade including The Happening, The Hunger Games, Inception, as well as the inner-struggle of fighting one's own doubts: the self-consciousness issue that has been rampantly consuming teens across the country.

The film is one in a series of films in the past few years which specialize in the visually stunning elegance, one that certainly goes unappreciated too often. Tris' aggressive, or rather 'dauntless' personality finally makes more of an appearance in this film, which seemed to be lacking in the first. The film starts off with two scenes in which Tris takes a conversational conflict head first into a physical altercation.

In summary, if you were less than thrilled with the first film, allow Insurgent to change your mind.


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