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Noah Hylleberg

Would Morales return to The Walking Dead?

My thoughts is no. The character Morales doesn't exist in the comic books. He was just a character who was just kinda there. But there is a big chance that he will appear in ''Fear The Walking Dead'' AMCs spinoff series. The new spinoff series take place in LA and Morales drove to Birmingham in Season 1. So he would defiantly not return in The Walking Dead. And if drove back to Atlanta how could he possibly find Rick and Alexandria. Or maybe he is dead or a member of the wolves. But that doesn't seems legit.

What about Morales family?

They can either be dead or then they are still with him. If he appears in ''Fear The Walking Dead'' he would probably be a fan favorite and he would survive for a long time. But I think his family will die. I just don't see that they should survive. And if Morales appear in ''Fear The Walking Dead'' then his family is probably dead when we meet him.

What is your thoughts? Let me know!


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