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J Dalton Mattox

Many fanboys were up in arms about the news that Ben Affleck would be taking on the roll of the caped crusader in the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice film. I happened to be one of those many fanboys, not because I dislike Ben Affleck, but because I haven't seen him in a movie without a Boston accent and that's one thing Batman could deal without. I personally think that they should have gave Affleck his own standalone Batman movie to see how the fans like him before they went throwing him into the movie that is to set the foundation for the future Justice League films. Warner Bros has no idea how the audience will react to Affleck's portrayal of The World's Greatest Detective. They are so far behind Marvel that the only thing that would even remotely put them in the ball-park would be the building of a Justice League movie to counter the hype that is practically raining from The Avengers films. They have built up some pretty high expectations for the Justice League before with the trailer for an Aquaman movie way back, and the project was dropped, one of a couple DC films that ended up getting abandoned. I am a fan of both Marvel and DC, but they both made stupid decisions, and I'm worried this could end up being one of them. I personally think if they drop this project, and if this film isn't the best DC creation ever, DC movies are dead. Leave your comments below.


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