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I have to say that I didn't watch the original Flash series much. I just couldn't buy John Wesley Shipp as the Flash because it like the Superman, Batman, and Incredible Hulk series before it was ahead of it's time. That is why I started watching this Flash Series since he plays the Flash's father now and I wanted to see what I had missed. I have to say that he does a great job playing Barry Allen's father and the show is pretty good so far. The only problem I have had with the show so far has been that it seems to be moving too fast, or at least it had been until about 3 or 4 weeks ago when the writer's decided to take a chance and ended up changing the way all shows that written from now on may be told.

How did they do that, you ask? Simply put- Time Travel.

It all started when the Flash saw himself as he was going to stop a crime. That episode ended with Iris' Dad being kidnapped, Iris finding out Barry's secret Identity just before he went to stop a tidal wave from destroying the city and Barry Vanishing. The following episode began with the footage from the last week's opening except that this time Barry is the "other" Flash from the previous week's episode. So, of course Barry stopped most of the events from the following week (or day, if you're going by continuity) from happening.

Now, just imagine that you are the writer's of Arrow and have written Oliver into a situation that it seems impossible to get him out of when you realize that all you have to do is have another crossover with the Flash, get Barry to travel back in time to when say Oliver is fighting Ra's on the island or when the Mayor is killed, change the events of the story and you have a new start point for that story-line to develop in a different direction. Problem solved.

However, the Flash obviously can't be on every show on TV. But the writer's of other shows can come up with time machine's, sleep sequences, dreams, etc. to explain the differences in the events of the show.

With that being said there is also the blow-back that can be caused by changing time. For instance, Captain Cold now knows Barry's secret and threatened to go after everyone he cares about if he tries to arrest him. So Barry is forced to bargain with him and let him go. Not Cool.

So now just about everyone knows Barry's secret Identity except for Iris, which I am sure will be one of the Big Reveils at the end of the season along with the Reveil of who the reverse Flash really is and if the real Dr. Wells survived the Crash that killed his wife or not.

As I said the Flash has basically changed everything that we take for granted in any Superhero show and possibly any show on TV. Do you agree? If not, why?Follow me on [email protected] and comment below if you like.


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