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The Dwarves of Demrel is an upcoming Independent Fantasy Feature, by filmmakers, Christopher Raney & Zachary W. Amundson. When three dwarven miners, Brenn, Calcas & Odryd, are imprisoned in a collapse, the dwarves must figure out a way to put their differences aside and work together against a mysterious creature, starvation and despair, if they have any chance of survival.

Previously, we revealed not one, but TWO beautifully shot character posters for the upcoming movie. Brenn - the mead loving, tattooed, rugged cynic! (which you can check out HERE)

And Calcas - the enigmatic, cryptic and intelligent 'black sheep' of the mining company! (which you can check out HERE)

If you've read my first post on this movie, then you know the extreme amount of work, effort and detail that has gone into every aspect of it, from location, to costuming, to prosthetics and making average height / tall actors look like Dwarves.

Odryd - the charming, empathetic 'family Dwarf' is the latest character and final of the trio of Dwarves, to make the jump from page to screen, with his official character poster.

Check it out below!

Impressionable and naive, Odryd, is naturally optimistic. Floating from job to job, the always hungry Dwarf, acts as the middle man between Brenn and Calcas. Simple in nature, he has a love for the....

"Holiday frosted, locally brewed, Demrel ale... not too much though my wife will remind you."

If you'd like to know more about DoD, be sure to check out the official Facebook Page, HERE and give it a 'like', and as usual don't forget to follow my Moviepilot Profile to stay up-to-date on all the latest DoD news!

Stay tuned and keep a close eye on my page, I'll be giving you the lowdown on DoD's ONLY female character, Drusso, in the next couple of days!


How intrigued are you by DoD??


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