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Flash is a superhero with the power of being superfast allowing him to dodge even bullets fired at him. Flash draws his power from the speedforce and has an unbreakable connection to it. Flash has an aura protecting him from friction and can make a suit that is made of pure energy. He has the ability to control how much his body vibrates making him able to be invisible to the naked eye and pass through solid matter.


He however isn't very strong and very susceptible to the environment. The power of speed doesn't help him if he actually gets hit and can die from a simple bullet if he gets caught off guard and cant move out of the way. He can also get tired and hungry very fast from moving so far so fast.



Hulk can lift 100 tons when calm,but gets stronger the madder he gets and his strength appears to be limitless. He has the ability to clap hard enough to deafen his enemies and push them back. Hulk has the ability to leap great lengths and heights even creating seismic activity as he lands. Hulk has an accelerated healing rate that surpasses wolverines by a fair amount.His skin can get tougher the madder he gets helping him last extremely long in fights and even can tough through missiles and rockets.


Who do you think would win


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